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Angels Among Us: The Nine Different Types of Angels and Their Hierarchy

Angels are typically depicted as kind celestial beings who serve as mediators between God and people. There are various kinds of angels, each with unique roles, responsibilities, and appearances.

What number of angels exist? Here is all the information you require regarding the various classifications.

What are the different ranks of angels?

Here is a look at the hierarchy of angels, including a list of angels in every sphere of authority.

First sphere

In the celestial order, divine creatures at this level are the highest. In this realm, angels are referred to as celestial counselors and are said to be the ones who are most remote from humans and closest to God. The several categories of angels in the first sphere are shown below.

1. Seraphim

Biblical texts describe seraphim angels as having a fiery love for God that drives them to burn. Seraphim are said to reside close to God’s throne in a location called Beriyah that radiates fiery energy, according to one of the Jewish texts of the Kabbalah.

Here is a look at some of the divine beings who are part of the Seraphim.

Seraphiel: Resides in heaven and is in charge of leading others in constant praise.

Michael: Travels frequently between heaven and earth and is tasked with fighting evil throughout the universe. He is also part of another rank of divine beings known as archangels.

Metatron: He is heaven’s official record keeper. He supervises and records every detail that anyone in time ever thought, wrote, said, or did.

Religious texts describe the Seraphim as glorious celestial creatures with six wings grouped into three pairs. The first pair covers their faces, the second pair covers their feet, and the third pair is for flight.

These angels are also said to have eyes on all sides of their bodies to view God’s deeds continually.

Those in this rank never stop serving and worshipping God. In the book of Revelation, John speaks of them

2. Cherubim

In Christianity, the Cherubim are tasked with guarding the Garden of Eden, attending to God, and bearing his throne.

3. Thrones

The list of creatures in the first celestial sphere is completed by thrones. They are supposed to be under the direction of Jesus Christ in Christianity.

According to legend, they have four wings and four faces. The thrones are the angels that stand for peace, humility, and obedience.

These entities are also in charge of administering justice without regard for selfishness or arrogance. Thrones are reputed to be nearly faultless spiritually and frequently emit a good-filled light from God. These angels are connected to judgment and serve as advisers to lower-ranking angels.

Thrones were compared by the Biblical prophet Ezekiel like wheels with eyes. The wheels that are supposed to be driving God’s chariot ahead are angelic spirits. The eyes stand for the all-seeing, all-knowing intelligence of God.

Second sphere

Those in this hierarchy are referred to as celestial governors. They are tasked with support activities concerning the throne of God. How many angels are there in the second celestial sphere? Here is a look at the three groups.

4. Dominions

Strong celestial entities known as dominions are in charge of overseeing the universe. According to legend, humans frequently call upon the assistance of these angels in crisis situations, disputes, and other situations requiring quick action. In addition, all ranks below them are ruled by their dominions.

In the order of the angelic hierarchy, Dominions are below Cherubim, Seraphim, and Thrones. However, Dominions have power over higher-ranking divine beings like Cherubim because they are the global rulers.

Although they are continually concerned with their reality, dominions rarely have direct interaction with people.

Tsadkiel is the name of the Dominions’ ruler. He frequently assists in times of need, aids others in achieving their goals, and has strong motivating qualities.

The other Dominions are Lecabel, Omael, Reyel, Sehelah, Lerathel, Haaiah, Nith-Haiah, and Vasariah.

5. Virtues

The upkeep of the universe’s order is the duty of virtues. They frequently emit divine energy that dispels the negative influences that lead people away from the righteous path. Virtues are recognized for their majesty, chastity, and connection to miracles.

Additionally, virtues are in charge of assisting people in realizing the purpose that God has given them, directing them in that direction, and protecting their bodies and souls. Raphael is the title of the prince of the Virtues. He has divine healing abilities that can numb any pain felt by people.

The other Virtues are Mikael, Asaliah, Ariel, Sealiah, Yelaiah, Veuliah, Mikael, and Hahahel. These beings are often said to protect meditative, organized, pragmatic, realistic, systematic, and critical people.

6. Powers

Powers are tasked with restraining the powers of demons and help people overcome the temptations brought about by these evil beings. Powers also ensure that demons do not get their way in inflicting harm upon humans.

Powers also help those struggling with vices and evil passions by helping cast out unholy thoughts.

Third sphere

Angels in this sphere are known as celestial messengers. They are basically in charge of justice and authority. Here is a look at the names of angels in this category.

7. Principalities

What are angels from principalities? These are the celestial entities that keep an eye on organizations and vast communities like churches, cities, and nations.

Principalities have greater authority than lesser angels in ensuring that God’s will is carried out.

Principalities serve as messengers and provide protection for people, just as other angels in the third sphere. Because they are the closest to people and the furthest from God, the third sphere’s angels find it simpler to interact with people on a personal level.

8. Archangels

Archangels are portrayed in religion and mythology as powerful beings in the celestial order despite being among the lower ranks. The exact number of archangels is not known, although most religions mention seven.

Here is a look at the different types of angels and their roles in this group.

Michael: His name means ‘he who is as God’ and is often depicted as the most powerful of all angels. Within the celestial hierarchy, Michael is portrayed as a leader and is often depicted as a sword-bearing warrior in works of art. Michael helps those seeking vitality, energy, courage, direction, and motivation.

Jophiel: The name Jophiel means ‘beauty of God’ in Christianity. Jophiel is the patron saints of earthly artists. She helps them develop and maintain beautiful and inspiring thoughts as well as manifest them for others to see. She is also in charge of instilling unique points of view in talented people.

Chamuel: The name Chamuel means ‘he who sees God’ in Christianity. He is responsible for maintaining world peace by reducing negative energy. Chamuel helps humans find the courage and strength to overcome life’s adversities. He also helps mend broken relationships.

Raphael: He is tasked with emotional and physical healing. He is also the head of the Virtues. Besides healing humans, he also assists healers in carrying out their practices. Some of his other tasks include watching over travelers, maintaining general harmony, and clearing stress and fear.

Gabriel: This is one of the few angels who are mentioned by name in both testaments of the Bible. He is tasked with communication and often acts as God’s messenger. Gabriel also helps artists, journalists, teachers, and writers get their messages across.

Ariel: The name means ‘lion of God’ in Christianity. Archangel Ariel is the patron saint of the environment and animals and helps protect the earth, wildlife, and natural resources. She is said to work closely with Raphael to heal injured animals. She also oversees the order of planets, stars, and the moon.

Azrael: He is widely regarded as the angel of death in certain religions. He is tasked with helping souls transition from life on earth as well as comforting those who lose their loved ones. Azrael also assists grief counselors in dealing with the pain of those who seek help from them.

9. Guardian angels

The divine beings that are farthest from God and most near to people are called guardian angels. The most direct kind of communication between guardian angels and humanity is made possible through this. These angels both defend people from terrible circumstances and convey God’s will in people’s lives.

In mythology and religion, angels are one of the most fascinating topics. These enigmatic celestial beings have long been mentioned in human prayers, beliefs, and even even wishes. A hierarchy made up of the many kinds of angels is known as the “nine choirs of angels.”

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