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Astrological Houses: The Sixth House

All birth charts contain all 12 houses, although you may not have a particular aspect (planet) in that house. But in every birth chart every sign is included because one of those signs rules a certain house in your birth chart whether you have planets there or not.

There are keywords associated with having certain planets or signs in the sixth house, however certain aspects between other placements in your birth chart and the evolution of that aspect make all the difference. These are just basic facts about each Placement in the sixth house.

The sixth house is ruled by the Virgo zodiac sign and planet Mercury. If you've over committed yourself, Mercury's influence will help you determine what needs to stay on your to-do list and what can be saved for another day. Virgo energy motivates you to set goals and work towards reaching them. The sixth house is a house of routine, tasks and duties that we take care of every day, our job and our ability to value our work, especially in connection to the second house. It is about the care we show to ourselves and how important it is for us to be in physical service to others. The 6th house does not just mean physical health. It represents physical health and mental health and how our surrounding environment and life choices can affect these two things. This house encourages you to reflect on your routine and prepare for the unexpected as the healthiest version of yourself.


Where is your Sixth House located?

Aries: You are focused on physical energy, which means you love your workout routine.Dedicated to their work, these people can be called true workaholics, especially since they’re always struggling to do their best. However, this can cause trouble in their relationships with their coworkers.It’s better for them to just go with the flow during the day because this way, they can be more productive.However, these people can be very hard on themselves and never be satisfied with what they accomplished. It’s very likely for them to get sick with stress-related conditions, especially after they’ve been unhappy for a long period.

Taurus: When focusing on work, they’re slow but steady. While others may think they’re taking too long to get something done, they’re doing a very good job. In case they’re not happy with what they accomplished, they can come up with all kinds of excuses. It’s like they can’t relax or have a rest because they’re always busy pleasing others and forgetting about themselves. This is why they should be careful to not put themselves down when trying to please others. Their health is always extraordinary, but they still can get sick if making excesses with food and not exercising enough.People born with this placement in their birth chart need to learn how to be givers and to share their possessions with others to help humanity and not for others to see them as generous.

Gemini: Many of them may decide to be writers, public speakers or to work with youngsters. Their mundane activities can be concentrated on gaining more knowledge and obtaining new information.Not tolerating to get bored, Sixth House Geminis need to have a job that stimulates their mind and doesn’t repeat itself every day. Their health can oscillate, so they can have no problem one day and get extremely sick the other.People born with Gemini in the Sixth House are adaptable and can find the most original ways to organize themselves when having to multitask. They’re treating their colleagues and associates like siblings and their management skills are simply unbelievable.

Cancer: You have great nurturing qualities that make for great caregivers. People born with Cancer in the Sixth House are good at helping others but can become rather emotional at their workplace. As said before, they may care more about this than of anything else. In case they don’t have a stable job, their physical health can be greatly impacted. If having a cold, they should do their best to tend to themselves. When it comes to their everyday activities, they can be nostalgic about some long-gone times. People with it in the 6th House tend to have emotions instead of physical experiences, no matter if it’s about a headache or a pain in their back.As soon as happy with domestic life, they can discover great qualities in themselves and have a healthy life at home. This is the only way for them to feel good about themselves and their families.

Leo: Having high levels of energy, they can put up with any effort. Their instincts make them want to boss people around, especially at work. These people love showing off with what they accomplished. In case nothing goes the way they planned, they can become passive and get sick. The health issues these natives can have are with their heart and back.Because the sign of Leo is present in their 6th House, they can get sick with heart diseases, so they need to check their blood pressure when living their life more intensely than usual.If it is for them to be productive, they need a lot of energy and to be inspired. The best they could do is any activity that gives them more power.

Virgo: They’re simply in love with routine, even if they don’t like to admit it. This is why they’re planning everything and always know what they need to do. This means they aren’t too spontaneous.Some of them may be workaholics who believe what they’re earning is just enough for them to feel happy and satisfied. They’re never boasting with what they’ve accomplished and can feel uncomfortable when someone is complimenting them for doing their duty.People with this placement in their birth chart can have the answers to about any physical problem hidden in here.These people need to love their careers and to respect their Venus by having a healthy lifestyle and following a routine.

Libra: The 6th House Libras need balance to be healthy. Some of them can decide to work as beauticians or artists, others may want to become lawyers or judges. Regardless of what they are doing for a living, they need to have a companion because their success depends a lot on this.People born with Libra in the Sixth House are healthy when everything in their surroundings is balanced because this is what the Scales is influencing them to be like. They like to study what’s keeping them healthy, so they’re responsible for their body, not to mention they can adapt to any new environment. Sixth House Libras don’t mind the mundane and doing what others hate the most. They’re also a lot about partnering up with others, and this can be seen in them very often because they want to make sure their partner is doing something he or she is happy about. They’re creative and need to express themselves through writing or by doing art. When it comes to their health, they should pay a lot of attention to their kidneys.

Scorpio: Scorpio in the Sixth House people should find a job that’s challenging their creativity. When it comes to their everyday life, they need to find and experience their emotional and spiritual callings. When finding them, they must keep controlling the power they have.They love putting their ideas into practice and starting new projects from zero. Many of them are bankers, insurers or in forensics. When working, they’re giving themselves completely, so they’re flexible and very resourceful. Sixth House Scorpios need to take care of their immune system. If they want to stay healthy, they must be using their mind so that truly happens. As they can be self-destructive, not only from a psychological point of view but also a physical one. When winning, their health can improve, but if they’re suppressing their wishes, they can become sick. Sixth House Scorpios give a lot of importance to their public.

Sagittarius: These people need to be all the time challenged for them to stay focused on their careers. As far as their health goes, they can have problems with their digestive system, so it’s important for them to sometimes take breaks and to exercise more than usual. For these natives, every day has to be an adventure because they love to not know what’s just around the corner, not to mention they want more enlightenment and not to be inspired by the mundane. These natives think that when serving a person, they’re helping everyone.Even when focusing a lot and being responsible for their work, natives born with Sagittarius in Sixth House still want to follow more than one direction in life and to have no limits. Sixth House Sagittariuses need to learn what control is when it comes to their addictions because their internal organs can get badly damaged. They’re more predisposed to have problems with their hips and their joints.

Capricorn: It’s difficult for the person born with Capricorn in the Sixth House to rest because he or she sees only his or her job. Most of the time, natives with this placement can suffer from bone diseases because they’re focusing too much on their job and aren’t consuming enough calcium.These natives may live in fear that something bad is going to happen to them every day, so their health can be greatly influenced by this.Sixth House Capricorns are good even with the most boring and challenging tasks, not to mention they can play the roles of both bosses and employees. They know how to organize and to work hard better than others. For this reason, they’re goon in a job in which they need others about their career. Self-confidence can be achieved when others are recognizing hem for their efforts and they have a good social position.

Aquarius: Those who have Aquarius in 6th House love to cooperate with their co-workers, even if feeling different from them and being more detached. These people are original and don’t like to discuss nonsense.When having to exercise, they need to be challenged, so these natives are the ones running marathons and participating at races.When conflicts are taking place at their workplace, they no longer care about who’s the boss and stand by the principles they believe in. 6th House Aquariuses love changing their place of work and profession.Their challenge is to overcome the fact that they’re so eager team players that they’re forgetting to take care of other things besides their job. This, or perhaps they can allow their professional life to merge with the personal one. Big humanitarians, they’re always willing to give a hand to those in need. At work, they prefer to not be pressured by time, so they’re not the type to follow a schedule.

Pisces: Emotional at work, if they’re not doing what fulfills them, they can’t feel too good about their job. They’re better as employees rather than as bosses, but they need to make sure no one is taking advantage of them.Any emotion can greatly affect their health. They’re not only being tested when this is happening, but they’re also having all of their energy levels depleted, meaning they can get sick.However, when feeling inspired, they can get lost and perform their tasks impeccably.Their faith can merge with their reality, so they need to be patient and wise, as well as follow their path in life, just for them to keep being strong and have enough energy.At work, they’re nice to everyone, but as said before, they can take on more than they can handle, which can make them confused and cause some problems.Many of these natives are great artists, either in the music or the visual fields. At work, they can have many conflicts with their colleagues.

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