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Full Moon in Gemini: “Cold Christmas Moon”

December 18th 2021, brings a beautiful full moon in Gemini. Gemini rules communication, technology and short-distance travel. It stimulates our minds to connect with others, especially those in our general vicinity, such as friends, neighbors, nearby acquaintances and siblings. We will be motivated to express our minds and may be in the process of launching a significant writing, speaking, advertising, digital or social media project.

Are you ready for a change of pace? Let's bring the New Year in with ACTION!

This full moon takes away resistance and opens a pathway to goals you have set to achieve in the near future. Combining this full moon with the current Mars in Sagittarius, manifesting energy is at one of it's highest points of the year. The Full Moon in Gemini will be trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. This is a meeting of the minds that combine to make magic. Cherish your connections. Relationships are a reflection. Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini & Libra placements are about to have a major uplifting transformation. This full moon is bringing in manifestations you almost thought you forgot about, or you even felt like it wasn’t meant to happen. Remember: This is DIVINE TIMING.

Feel your feelings. Let. It. Out.

This weekends full moon is emotionally intense as Venus and Pluto get cozy in Capricorn. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Feel your feelings. You no longer have to keep unnecessary stress in your life. A focal point at this time is letting your voice be heard. Lean towards what inspires you and rest from tasks that feel obligatory.

Make that Moon Water!

  1. Fill a container with water. If you can use fresh rainwater, even better—but any water is OK.

  2. Place your container in direct moonlight. It doesn't matter whether it's outside on your porch or inside on a windowsill! Anywhere with moonlight will do.

  3. Say an affirmation or prayer. Think about what you want to use this moon water for, and say an affirmation or prayer over the jar to seal your intention.

  4. Leave overnight. Once your container is in place and your intention is set, leave the jar overnight in the moonlight. In the morning, your moon water will be good to go!

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