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Full Moon in Leo, Year of the Tiger: Can I get a ROOOOOAAAARR???

The Aspects of the planets

A time to fulfill destiny to turn wishes into promises and reality! This moon is known as the snow moon and it is in Leo for this year! Imagine the energy of the year of the Tiger for our lunar new year combining with the energy of the lion and Leo. So strong that it may be overwhelming for some! But it’s time to stand back and watch those wishes manifest and be ever optimistic for the future no matter what happens. A test of resilience from any who have been going through are struggling through times in which they thought they would not make it to this day. But this is a time of opportunity. Continue on your soul-searching journey because this is a green-light, there’s no stopping now. The sun currently being an Aquarius in opposition to this full moon works as a balancing act for the things that you know you can accomplish and the things that you know you need to let go of.

With Venus and mars currently in Capricorn there is a enhancement of hard work and determination. This energy is very much focus on professional ambitions with a dash of personal dignity and refinement in relationships. Now is the time to let go of romantic and financial insecurities and know that you can manifest the love and career that you deserve.

This also is definitely a time of sexual vitality and enhancement, so you may have been experiencing a little change or re-ignition in your sex life.

The simple Numerology vibration for the day is the number six. The number six is an embodiment of the heart. This is a time to reflect on the extremes of your life and love and healing and seeking balance in those areas. It’s time to nurture your soul and if you’re ready nurture the soul of others. Bring out the creative spark that the number six offers in vibration. Allow your consciousness and awareness to rise. And let your imagination take you on a very beautiful and light warming experience!

For many, you might be experiencing a change in communication and the way that you are handling your domestic life and partnerships. If in a relationship, add up the numbers of both partners for your numerology. If it breaks down to six, there is a serious shift and a positive enhancement between the two of you that is going on currently. The current partnership numbers of four and two are also experiencing the shift on a smaller scale.

Full Moon in Leo not only acts like a sunshiny promise, with Venus and Mars still holding hands in Capricorn all month, but this lunar cycle also allows us to believe in ourselves once again.

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