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What I Like About You: A Letter to Cancer

Dearest Cancer,

Alright, so everyone calls you moody. Sometimes, you can be just a bit, but there's something about those cute puppy eyes. You're able to show your most vulnerable self more easily than many, and you have a habit of pulling many peoples' heartstrings. Sensitive to a fault you can often empathize with others, and treat them like family rather quickly.

Some might call that "clingy" But I see the warmth and sincerity to this. You have your heart on your sleeve. You want people to feel at home around you. And you try to make everyone that you love the most feel super comfortable just letting it all out. Be it emotions or just being physically relaxed, you aim to just chill.

That's get angry. Let no one get in your way because those pincers come out! You've got to be mindful of throwing anything back into the faces of those you allowed to relax around you. Don't take your most positives qualities and flip them. Remember that people truly love you and are not trying to hurt your feelings by wanting you to be a bit more firm with things.

You're amazing gentle and creative, and your work really reflects all of those emotions that you embrace.

You're protective of those you love because you are sensitive to the harsh realities of life sometimes. You're not going to simply follow behind the crowd or the "cool kids". You root for the underdog, because sometimes, you feel like the underdog. But you need to remember that you are the hero of your own story.


Oracle Erica

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