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Why Three Angels?: Guardian Angels Assigned at Birth

So I’ve gotten a few people ask why you get three angels at birth and how they are assigned to you. Now the details, I include in the guardian Angel reports… but I’ll put a simple explanation here. 🤍✨🫶🏾

By the day and time of birth, each person is accompanied during their life journey by 3 guardian angels.

🤍✨🪽The Physical Angel represents the qualities that we are encouraged to develop through practical actions. It embodies the main aspects of our life plan and specific situations we may encounter.

🩷🦋🪽The Emotional angel helps us develop qualities at an emotional level, closely tied to our feelings, emotions, and inner world. They inspire us to cultivate growth and understanding in these aspects of ourselves.

💫🌱🪽 The Intellectual Angel represents the qualities we are encouraged to cultivate on an intellectual level. It will shape our way of thinking, our concepts, and our ideas.

These 3 guardian angels determine your vibrational identity: the structure of your energies, the opportunities you can develop and the challenges you may face in your life.

Yes you can have more than three angels but these three are ones that start your journey of life with you from day 1.

❣️There are also special cases where a person is assigned only 2 or one angel because their birthdate overlaps in date and time with one particular angel. I have done two reports in which the client only had 2 angels and the angel that was doubled was very strong within them.

I hope this helps! 🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾

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