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Apophyllite is highly regarded for its high vibrational energy, known to aid in spiritual growth, enhance intuition, and deepen meditation experiences. This powerful crystal also assists in clearing negative energies and promoting a calm, centered state of mind.

Each Natural Carved Apophyllite Geode Cluster is one-of-a-kind, displaying its own distinct crystal formations and varying shades of shimmering whites, greens, and grays. These geode clusters make for a visually striking and energetically uplifting addition to any space, perfect as a statement piece on a shelf, desk, or meditation corner.

Welcome the positive energies and ethereal beauty of our Natural Carved Apophyllite Geode Cluster into your life and experience the transformative power of this remarkable crystal.

Natural Carved Apophyllite Geode Cluster

SKU: 1005003292244166
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