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A Personal Reflection: Healing Journey of 2023

Personal Reflection time.

I’m finally putting all of my different informational posts in albums so y’all can get straight to everything at once on Facebook! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

For those that know me, I’ve been posting on my Facebook page for three years straight almost. I rebranded. I went many days without ANY interactions from those outside my family or close friends. But this year I branched out and FINALLY started to show my face lol.

Those who deeply know me know other reasons I felt the need to hide. Felt like I wouldn’t be accepted for who I was or that I didn’t have enough to share. Was told that I couldn’t be multifaceted because that would infringe upon other people’s gifts and roles. Which now, I realize is not true because I’ve exchanged and met soul family who do the same thing as me and we STILL all eating at the table together just fine. I didn’t realize back then I’m not designed to have an instruction manual.

I’m a 2/4 profile , Sacral authority, 12H stellium, Spican starseed. Guidance naturally comes through Source (isolation,hermit) that then pushes me towards community (opportunity, experience through observation and tribal experiences). North Node in Sagittarius 1H (2H whole signs) holding the gates 45 (evolved through leadership) and 54 (you evolve this gate through service, I have it 4 times.

The journey til this point.

I was 7 when I realized it was a bit weird to still have “imaginary friends” following me. When I started researching astrology I was 10 years old. I felt that if God was in the heavens, surely he created these stars for us to know something.

I knew that when I was a youth speaker in church that I was definitely more open spiritually that people around me. But I always found solace in the fact that my mother and grandmother always talked about their gifts (clear sight, hearing, knowing) and encouraged me to be myself. We would share our prophetic dreams in journals together and learned about candle/color magick together. My grandmother was the first person to call me by my title of Oracle. So to not respect their part in my journey is insane.

(Mom’s NN in Pisces, not by chance) That color magick got me into crystals and jewelry making and astrology connected me to cartomancy….and boom. My business page was born.

I still held on to wanting to be a lawyer though. (Granted this profession would still complete my soul contract for this life) and well, I do have my degree but that is now my side gig (paralegal work). I’d have NEVER thought.

But it wasn’t until the “pandemic“ that I actually had time to invest in it the way I wanted to. Had I done things the way I was designed who knows where I’d be right now. BUT I’m enjoying the now. It took me a long time to figure out certain karmic cycles and the fact that I was purposely kept from my soul family until I figured it out. Not even the abusive relationship before my marriage could’ve prepared me for the next four years of experiences during my Saturn return. But healing is non linear and me finally getting to organizing this information on my page is part of that process.

I do have things of value to share with the world. Sorry it took me so long. I had to be ripped apart to reveal the most beautiful and authentic version of myself.

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