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12th House Services

Book now with Oracle Erica! Booking is done through Square or via Facebook. Quick Readings can be done through text, facebook/Instagram messenger, or phone call with the phone call upcharge option. Detailed readings can be done via phone call by selecting the drop down option when booking. Click the button below to book the next available appointment now! Invoice will be sent via square booking to pay.


 3 Card Reading: Spirit Guidance

10 minutes · $15.55

Three card reading for Spirit Guidance (no questions)

Image by Andy Holmes

One Question: YES, NO, or short answer

5 minutes · $22.22

No pregnancy or death Questions please. 


Unlimited Questions
phone or video reading

60 minutes · $111.00

An hour of unlimited questions, guidance, confirmation and comfort from the angels. (Does not include mediumship)

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Soulmate Reading

15 minutes · $45.45 +

For Singles looking to find the one.

Happy Family

Family & Children Reading

15 minutes · $43.43

Guidance on Children to parent and close relatives or family friend relationships.


Detailed Relationship and Love Reading

30 minutes · $65.65

Can be more than one person read and more cards are drawn in this more detailed love reading.

Image by Flash Dantz

Numerology Birth Chart Analysis Session

1 hour and up · $85.85

When scheduled, please allow up to 3 business days for you detailed birth chart report to be sent to you.

Image by Lahiru Supunchandra

5 Card Reading: Spirit Guidance

15 minutes · $20.20

5 card reading with guidance from spirit. No questions, straight detailed message.

Image by Matt Flores

Venting Sessions: With Channeled Advice

30 minutes + · $55.55 +

For Healing & Releasing. Receive healing angelic vibrations throughout the session. You talk I listen. If requested I can give channeled advice, along with wisdom from any experience. 

Image by Ryan Hutton

Unlimited Questions
phone or video reading with mediumship

60 minutes · $199.99

An hour of unlimited questions, guidance, confirmation and comfort from the angels and important messages from an  ancestor/chosen loved one.


Quick Relationship and Love Reading

20 minutes · $55.55

For Couples (former or potential) limit one couple per reading.

Hugging a Pillow

Dream Interpretation

20 minutes · $45.45

Deep insight from channeled messages from guides and Spirit to interpret your dreams. Definitions to colors, symbols, animals etc. 

Image by Susanna Marsiglia

Mediumship Reading

45 minutes · $85.85

Connect with deceased loved ones through tarot.

10 Card Reading: Spirit Guidance

15 minutes · $30.30

Guidance from Spirit in a ten card message. No questions, straight Guidance.

Image by Andy Holmes

Astro Talk: Natal Chart Chat

60 minutes · $50.00 - $75

This is for an analysis session only (no pdf report) of the current astrological transits and how they are affecting your energy (natal chart) along with unique insight into spiritual gifts, past lives, life purpose, love and money aspects etc. Including channeled messages from the cosmos. This is for those who want to dive right in and take notes and do not want to wait for the physical chart report.

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 General Twelve Card Reading: Up to 4 Questions

 15 minutes · $44.44

This is for if you have questions in different various topics or matters. For detailed readings of one specific topic, please choose that topic reading. 

Stacks of Coins

Finance & Career Reading

15 minutes · $42.42

Dive into changes and guidance on money and work.


Health Insight Reading

15 minutes · $46.46

Insight into what to do to correct physical, mental or emotional health. This includes fertility readings.

Image by Andy Holmes

Unlimited Cards: Any Topics (20 Questions)

30 minutes and up · $70.70

Combined Reading that can answer your questions on health, career, finances, love and more! (Does not include mediumship)

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