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Astrological Houses: The Fifth House

All birth charts contain all 12 houses, although you may not have a particular aspect (planet) in that house. But in every birth chart every sign is included because one of those signs rules a certain house in your birth chart whether you have planets there or not.

There are keywords associated with having certain planets or signs in the fifth house, however certain aspects between other placements in your birth chart and the evolution of that aspect make all the difference. These are just basic facts about each Placement in the fifth house.

The Fifth House is all about what makes you feel good, whether it's physical pleasure, attention, or the fulfilling work of a creative project. This House corresponds with Leo energy.Furthermore, the house can also rule the first child that the individual has, and planets that are available there can uncover the gender and the character of that child. Look to the planets and the zodiac sign where the fifth house's cusp is to get hints about the child and the planetary aspects that associated with it. It's the house of pleasure and fun, from parties, to trips to the amusement park, to parades and holiday festivities. Because the fifth house represents the spontaneous enjoyment of life, it's the realm of the eternal child within. Ready to play? This house shows the kinds of games and sports we choose, and what we do for pure pleasure.


Where is your Fifth House located?

Aries: People born with Aries in 5th House spend a lot of their time being creative. When it comes to love, they have a lot of passion and aggressiveness. They seem to always have a plan and to start different projects. Natives with this placement tend to make changes around them, changes that can influence their surroundings and care a lot about the concrete or the existing rules.Natives born with Aries in 5th House are expressing their individuality through their image. This is why they’re wearing colorful clothes and are looking to be in trend, while special.

Taurus: These natives love to express their artistic spirit through visual arts, as this is what keeps them centered. As spouses and parents, they’re indulgent and love making presents to the ones they love.In their relationships with others, they’re altruistic and ready to give everything they have to their loved ones. Being somehow ruled by Venus, these people have a weak spot for beauty. This is why they love going to theaters, visiting museums and enjoying live music.It’s very likely the kids they’re having to be heavily influenced by Taurus or the planet Venus as well, meaning they’re sweet and love indulging when being spoiled by their parents.

Gemini: People born with Gemini in the Fifth House are at their best when their incredible mind is being put to work. Therefore, they love puzzles and playing different games that allow them to show their knowledge.It’s difficult to have 5th House Geminis being manipulated because they know how to stand their ground. More than this, they’re good at convincing others and know how to leave the best impression on others. When raising children, they want their partner to get equally involved and to offer the little ones a good education. At the same time, they can be demanding with their kids, teaching them what ambition is. This is the placement of good writers. Not wanting to be too deep about anything, these natives just happen to go through life without stressing too much.

Cancer: People born with Cancer in 5th House are highly emotional beings and put their partner on a pedestal. Their loved ones are being given many of their emotions, so they’re careful with all of their interpersonal connections.These natives find pleasure and are happy when doing something recreational or when people in their surroundings are asking them to do what they did when they were children.Some of them love to study their family tree and to do what their ancestors did because this is making them happier, not to mention it allows more room for self-expression and a higher consciousness.If it is for them to feel emotionally safe with someone, they need to just enjoy sex and dating. As said before, these natives don’t go for the easy affairs because they’re looking for something more profound.

Leo: Leo in the 5th House is the natural ruler of personality. This sign has a masculine and efficient energy, so people born with Leo in Fifth House need to not subject themselves to the opinions of others, as well to avoid having a routine that doesn’t allow them to express their fiery individuality.The 5th House Leo individuals can’t be defeated when it comes to being a lover or an artist. People with this placement invest a lot of their time in love or raising their children.The person born with Leo in the Fifth House seems to be in love with the feeling of love. People having this placement in their birth chart are proud of their sexuality and want to be paid compliments for the way they’re making love.These natives are drawn to people who have the same confidence as them, so they may never want to let go of only one partner they have, which can be exhausting and playing with their ego.

Virgo: The Fifth House Virgo individual is analytical and takes care of every little detail, just to enjoy a good reputation. Natives with this placement tend to moralize others, which can hurt their relationships.By cooperating, Fifth House Virgos can’t have anything affecting their life negatively. These natives seem to know how to analyze everything properly. As said before, they know how to make plans and to have a good time doing it because they’re creative and very good when it comes to organization.People born with Virgo in 5th House don’t act without thinking and have the quietest hobbies. They love to plan before having any kind of fun, as well their interests are more ones of the mind.They love to analyze and to pay attention to every little detail.

Libra: Those born with Libra in the 5th House can reach happiness with the help of others. This can challenge their independence because they may want too much to be nurtured, but it’s at the same time necessary for them to develop healthily.Since they love teamwork more than anything else, they’re the best at collaborating and being part of projects that involve many people. When it comes to communicating personally, they’re picky and want to discuss matters only with intellectuals.People born with Libra in 5th House are romantic and in love with beauty. They’re expressing love most elegantly, so when dating, they’re not necessarily the ones to immediately want sex. When in bed, they want to make their partner truly happy.

Scorpio: Scorpio in the 5th House is the placement of extremes and of those who want to be in situations of life and death to just feel good. Those of them who aren’t into extreme sports can be very passionate when it comes to sex. This is what’s making them feel really good.People born with Scorpio in 5th House want to form emotional bonds in life, no matter who they’re meeting. However, they can easily become upset in their long-term connections because they’re too possessive and yearning to invest all of their feelings into their relationships. When it comes to the way they’re behaving in society, these natives are true mystics and very good mind readers. Their creativeness can be either one of profoundness or one of pure sarcasm.

Sagittarius: Acting like children and being enthusiastic, these natives can’t be held back when having a certain direction to follow in life. They love to love and are creative, not to mention it’s easy for them to understand different aspects of life.They don’t have small ways of dealing with things. Each time they’re experiencing something, they want to do it again in a bigger way. Creative and having an artistic sense, they’re enthusiastic about classy parties and don’t mind spending all of their money on them. Many of these natives can be involved in religious or sporting activities. Any philosophical question and drama are giving their life meaning.Because they’re not too serious about love, it would be difficult for someone to conquer their hearts. More than this, these natives want to be free more than anything else. They know a lot about how to handle their children, but as said before, they can spoil them.

Capricorn: A 5th House Capricorn individual doesn’t like taking risks and going to casinos. Even when having fun, natives with this placement are keeping their calm and their minds clear.Those of them who have developed negatively are energetic vampires, pessimistic and always complaining about their own life. Their creativity comes from their hard work. Making a goal out of every moment in their life, they live by being dedicated to their goals.These natives are very serious, realistic and careful in the matter of sex. They think true love is something that only exists in fairy tales, so it’s unlikely for them to enjoy sex and romanticism as much as others.The fact that they’re planning too much can have them lacking spontaneity and being truly happy. They can be truly satisfied when studying matters of spirituality, history, and archaeology, so they should focus on their time and how they’re addressing their responsibilities.

Aquarius: These dreamers express their creativity in the most unusual ways. They don’t care if others see them as out of the ordinary. These natives want to feel excitement when it comes to their relationships, so they can be among people their parents don’t like, when young.A 5th House Aquarius individual likes to live to the fullest and to be unusual. Natives with this placement are original, imaginative and wild, not caring too much about what other people think of them.If parents, they’re dedicating themselves to making their children express their individuality. They have great ways of communicating with their little ones, making them more spiritually strong and ready to be original.Sex and romance for them have to be rebellious. Just like everything else in their life, they have the strangest hobbies and do things differently. Always up to experiment, 5th House Aquariuses want to try everything at least once.

Pisces: Individuals born with Pisces in Fifth House have many talents that need to be discovered. Love for them can be something inspiring, and even if natives with this placement aren’t very stable, they always know where to find their true love. Their deepest anxieties can hurt them, so they need to keep their aura strong and to have a lot of confidence that they care about themselves as they’re supposed to. People born with Pisces in the Fifth House may often want to be isolated. Wanting to escape the everyday routine, they can become passionate about mystical and occult practices. When doing this, they can be truly creative and realize their potential.When it comes to sex and love, they’re emotional and can make their partner feel magical. They can’t see their lovers in a too clear manner because they have this tendency to put people on pedestals and to make them feel like Gods. 5th House Pisces are very creative, but this means they can’t be very efficient in practical matters. It’s hard for them to explain certain things about themselves because they’re usually getting lost in the details.

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