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Astrological Houses: the First House

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

All birth charts contain all 12 houses, although you may not have a particular aspect (planet) in that house. But in every birth chart every sign is included because one of those signs rules a certain house in your birth chart whether you have planets there or not.

There are keywords associated with having certain planets or signs in the first house, however certain aspects between other placements in your birth chart and the evolution of that aspect make all the difference. These are just basic facts about each Placement in the first house.

The first house is known as the house of self, physical body, beginnings, trailblazing, & leadership.

The first house is the house of Ares and its ruling planet Mars. Of course a person can have other signs in their first house, but when Aries or Mars is in your first house that aspect just gets an extra dose of spark and fuel to the flame.

The first house in astrology contains your rising sign always. Despite the fact that your rising sign may also be the sign of other placements in the 12th or second house, the rising is always in first house. So if you ask yourself, “Why is it that people don’t always seem like their sun sign?”

This is where the rising sign or ascendant comes in. The word ascendant is Latin for rising sign.

In astrology, the sun sign is the core of your personality and the true self, but the ascendant is how you come across, Or as some astrologist or birth chart readers might call it your “mask”. This is why those with the same sun and rising sign allow the core of who they are and their true self display more easily than others.

Another name for the first house is the house of life. There’s always a very deep connection between your life and your first house. This house is the identity. The start of a healthy personality is evolving the first house.

Astrological characteristics when in the first house:


People born with Aries in First House can seem too independent and direct for many, but they’re all the time optimistic. You have intensity like warriors and will take on the struggles of life. When it comes to the success of these people, they’re amazing leaders. It comes naturally for them to just pave ways for others.


This speaks of an individual well-built, strong and static, and also a bit passive. You are likely to be comfort loving and stubborn. Like your symbol, the bull, Taureans are determined and dangerous when riled. You are heavily influenced by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and love and beauty will be major themes in their lives.


They need to stay well-informed, infiltrated in their social environment, and always have a reason to communicate or brainstorm on issues that surround them daily. You are likely to be mentally sharp and are of a dual nature and love variety. You are known to be talkative, love to start things but do not always finish them, and have an eternal curiosity.


You are likely to be sensitive and caring of others. Like the ruler of Cancer, the Moon, you are expressive, romantic, family oriented and have a deep sense of empathy for others.


Warm and cuddly, those born with the rising sign of Leo can be incredibly “soft around the edges”, with large, round ears, handsome, and dressed in new and branded clothes. You are likely to be a leader and a lover of the spotlight. You are bold, cheerful and generous; when angered, you are not easy to cool down.


If your ascendant fell in the sign of Virgo, this could easily be a signal that you were born to help others. You are likely to be impulsive, curious and like to talk. You are likely skillful with your hands and have a love of the arts.


People born with this Ascendant have to find it in people they are surrounded with, always in search for balance, and finding ways to mend relationships to the point in which the don’t trigger exhaustion. You are likely to be philosophical, skilled in business, intelligent and frank.


This is someone strong, fixed and determined, buy also deeply sensitive and emotional, however hard these individuals might try to resist this fact.


Philosophers and teachers, these individuals have the ability to see the bigger picture, but often have trouble staying realistic, while fighting with their need to see the world through pink goggles. Always looking forward, they are usually fun and a pleasure to be with.


If someone’s Ascendant is set in the sign of Capricorn, they will be practical and turned to material issues and goals in life they feel they have to achieve. Depending on the positions of planets in this house and its ruler, they will be successful or challenged in their reach for a certain destination, defining whether or not they will be able to make a plan they can follow.


With an Ascendant in Aquarius, no person can adapt to social norms and blend in. You love philosophy and like to do good for others. You are a leader and a lover of the spotlight, but serve others and can tolerate hard work. You like to wander and will explore history and tradition.


When the first house begins in the sign of Pisces, we have to understand that this is a person on a mission, born with a higher cause that needs to be recognized. This is someone fine, sensitive, emotional, with big eyes and a tender soul. You are kind, sensitive and devotional. You are likely to be intuitive and superstitious. You are sweet but also stubborn.

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