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Astrological Houses: The Fourth House

All birth charts contain all 12 houses, although you may not have a particular aspect (planet) in that house. But in every birth chart every sign is included because one of those signs rules a certain house in your birth chart whether you have planets there or not.

There are keywords associated with having certain planets or signs in the fourth house, however certain aspects between other placements in your birth chart and the evolution of that aspect make all the difference. These are just basic facts about each Placement in the fourth house.

Known as the house of home and family, this house represents all things domestic (like your physical shelter, family life, and ancestry). In astrology, the moon represents what you need to feel comfortable and safe. The moon's influence over the Fourth House encourages you to find what makes you feel at peace in your domestic life. Cancer is an emotionally sensitive and intuitive sign. Its rule over the Fourth House calls you to recognize your own emotional needs. While the first house represents what we were given by birth, the fourth house represents our psychological disposition that is a result of learned behavior and socialization in the family. It represents both our primary family and the secondary family and home that we build for ourselves.


Where is your Fourth House located?

Aries: Childhood may have included: A loud home, playfulness, a longing for peace, a love of outdoor activities, stimulating environment, clashes of temperament in the home, a busy and absent parent or parents, and arguments among family members. Development: When it comes to members of their family, they don’t like to hold their feelings back.It’s possible they’re not comfortable with domestic tasks or being close to the ones they love the most. Some of them can become too protective or overwhelming with their family and closes friends. When it comes to Aries being here, it’s about giving a hand when it comes to coping with life, as well as helping people find a meaning to everything they’re doing.

Taurus: Childhood may have included: devoted to family and security, caring parents or a desire to care for others, material security is an important part of family life. Development: In most cases this is a very warm position, enabling one to find beauty and see the world in color, as well as provide them with the ability to enjoy material reality and engage in practical matters in a healthy way. This placement needs security with the family and home. They also need a home that looks good and is of value.

Gemini: Childhood may have included: Mentally stimulating environment, frequent changes, communication, and learning were a vitally important part of one's private and family life. Development: They may not spend very long in one place, always moving around, though it might not be very far. It can be difficult for them to have any real bonds with a family, whether it’s with actual family or the family they try to create as they get older. They may spend lots of time with them, but not form a real bond. As they get older, the mind gets stronger, and they can pursue intellectual ventures with greater ease.

Cancer: Childhood may have included: Caring, overprotective and nurturing parents, a desire to love and care for others, strong roots, and a deep need for emotional security. On the flip side the mother could have been overbearing or smothering, pushing the native towards independence and freedom at an early age.

Development: They feel over protective of family and the bonds they share. Their connections with people in their family are usually impeccable. It looks like everything they’re doing in life needs to be related to their home. Their responsibilities weigh a lot for them because this is how the Cancer in 4th House is influencing them to be. If not able to move their emotions onto a higher level of being, they can’t nurture their feelings and their emotional expressions.

Leo: Childhood may have included: dominant parents, exposed private life, open and welcoming family, well-known family or family members, joyous home. Development: This is a position that pulls with its gravity towards personal issues, fiery emotions, and a certain battle for personal satisfaction that is deeply rooted in one’s home and their relationship with a dominant parent that maybe didn’t give them enough space to develop entirely healthy emotions. In its best light, this can be a place of warmth, joy, laughter and openness, giving one the sense of personal bravery to engage in any emotional challenge with ease and clarity.

Virgo: Childhood may have included: Structured home, a private home, neat and comfortable home, very giving or very stingy parents, parents seek perfection, cherished responsibility from young age, and strong family values. Development: Very often, this comes as a consequence of a deeply cold relationship with the parent of opposite sex, or a rational bond that leaves too much room for personal improvement, leaving one never satisfied with their own accomplishments. The greatest thing this position brings through genes is incredible intellectual strength and strong mental powers that one will be able to use, probably until their dying day.

Libra: Childhood may have included: Luxurious home, a well-designed home, prestige, art, and decor play an important role in private and home life, smaller family, balanced and harmonious home environment, an emphasis on how things look on the outside Development: When it comes to their home, they want this place to be refined and filled with the objects they love the most.As far as the home of natives with this placement goes, this is very beautifully decorated and according to the standards of the society. As said before, these natives give a lot of importance to justice when it comes to family matters, so they’re looking to equally divide the work at home so that everyone is doing something.

Scorpio: Childhood may have included: Highly protective family or parents, private life is kept very private, possessiveness, jealousy, control, family sticks together through thick and thin. Development: A person with this fourth house position has to find a way to forgive, forget, and turn to the future instead of staying tied to the past, or to negative emotions that have to be let go. Their house is usually like a fortress that’s representing their inner selves. They don’t like allowing others to get in, so the first time their partner is visiting, they may take some time before allowing him or her to look around.

Sagittarius: Childhood may have included:strong moral values inherited from parents, frequent moves or nomadic life, a desire to be happy and feel free from restrictions, family adventures, and happy childhood memories. Development: It’s not easy for them to feel good at home because they’re not the type to settle. This is why many of them decide to move abroad and to put some distance between their new home and the place where they’ve been brought up.When it comes to the basis of their personal and private life, these people have to be free and to expand. This is why they need a big house and a lot of light from the Sun to enter their place of living.

Capricorn: Childhood may have included: A strong family tradition, disciplinarian parent or parents, a need to be independent from a very young age, strict or absent parents, troubles with paternal figures and roles, a subconscious longing for warmth and love. Development: People born with Capricorn in 4th House are disciplined and want everything in its place, so they properly organize their household. Because they want perfection, nothing is ever in its place for them. They’re the leaders in their household, as well as calculated and sensitive. When it comes to the basis of their private and personal life, they’re all about making their dreams come true and being ambitious, as well as about showcasing their achievements.

Aquarius: Childhood may have included:Marching to the beat of one’s own drum, contradicting family, unusual family history, unusual family environment, detached parents, emphasis is put on intellectual development and independence, curiosity is developed from a young age. Development: Likely, many of them don’t accept the authority of any kind, no matter if it’s from their parents, bosses or mentors. They need to be emotionally independent and to have a clear mind because, without these things, they can’t feel happy. Fourth House Aquariuses are comfortable and more confident when spending their time with others because they can’t feel safe or strong when acting all alone.

Pisces: Childhood may have included: Confusing parental style, rich imagination and inner world, a desire to escape reality and retreat, feeling abandoned, and a longing for true connection, feeling alienated from or overly attached to one’s family or its members. Development: The experience of going home can be quite a unique one for them. When not secluded, they can be truly empathetic and giving with the ones in their life. It’s important they watch for their limits and aren’t causing any discomfort into the life of others. Very attached to the place where they reside, these people like to have quiet here and to not be bothered by the outside world.

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