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Astrological Houses: The Second House

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

All birth charts contain all 12 houses, although you may not have a particular aspect (planet) in that house. But in every birth chart every sign is included because one of those signs rules a certain house in your birth chart whether you have planets there or not.

There are keywords associated with having certain planets or signs in the second house, however certain aspects between other placements in your birth chart and the evolution of that aspect make all the difference. These are just basic facts about each Placement in the second house.

The things that you value the most. This is the Second house. This house is the representation of how you act around or react to material wealth and comfort. How you view materials, sharing and giving and receiving comfort makes a difference with other aspects of your chart to enhance or diminish them. An active 2nd House may indeed imply financial fertility or an over-attachment to one's funds; transits to the 2nd House often test our understanding of our relationship between the material and non-material. The Second house is ruled by Venus and the zodiac sign Taurus. It is the house of habit, and what you do when you are most comfortable. It signifies the way someone handles money, and also how they choose to spend it. As we see, possession is a main theme of the 2nd House, a need for possession which extends itself to any field of life, even to love and sexuality. The necessity for sureness and certainties of this House develops often possessive love.

The Second house placements in your chart can often tell you how to reflect on the choices you make regarding what you value most and your finances. Look back at times you made important financial decision or decision based off possession and refer to your chart to see how you can grow in this area.

While having financial stability is important, do you also need to love what you do for a living? Does the simple fact that you are productive satisfy you? When you feel that something is yours, how do you react when asked to share it?


Where is your second house located? Aries: Their self-worth is determined by how they’re working on themselves, also by their leadership and managerial skills. The person born with Aries in the Second House always has enough energy to explore the new and to deal with that the world has to offer. Financial endeavors can be a bit impulsive until evolution and maturity of this aspect. overeating or not eating enough is a consistent theme.

Taurus: The second house cusp in Taurus is the most natural position for this house. People born with it have the ability to recognize value of all things, relationships, other people, and experiences in life. They may equate gifts to affection. People influenced by the sign of Taurus here are earthy and focused on the practical side of life, so they don’t want to spend recklessly.

Gemini: This is someone who can profit from writing, journalism, constant movement, oratory talents, or good trading skills. They’re not the ones to enjoy a stable setting and to stay for too long in only one place. When it comes to making money, they should be expected to do freelancing and not go to a 9 to 5 job that only earns them their income.A 2nd House Gemini individual needs to use his or her mind to identify the best money-making opportunities and to have a secure future.

Cancer: This is someone capable to work from home, or someone who goes with the flow and relies on destiny to bring them their wealth. In general, this might not be such a strong position if the Moon isn’t very strong, but gives the ability to find incredible joy in food, cooking, and family gatherings. When it comes to spending, these natives are doing it according to their moods. This means they can spend everything they have after a rough day at work.

Leo: If a person’s second house cusp is set in the sign of Leo, we can see the ability to pose for money and this is often seen in models, actors, and people who have to be theatrical in order to get something for themselves.They want to have money to spoil themselves. Luckily, they have a magnetic personality and are quite lucky, meaning they can land the best jobs to support their eccentric way of life.

Virgo: Money comes from hard work, dedication, and attention to detail, and this is carried by someone who will rarely gain anything quickly or earn something they didn’t well deserve. Natives with this placement in their birth chart pay a lot of attention to details and can express their individuality to have a better grasp of the big picture. More than this, they like to respect rules, so they’re good working in corporations.

Libra: This is a predisposition to make money working with other people, in a team or through relationships, partnerships, law, or the chase for justice. Giving a lot of importance to money, they feel happy when able to buy the nicest things. If the position of Libra in the Second House is not in good aspects, they can be superficial and only interested in possessions.

Scorpio: In order to find joy in the material world, this is a position that challenges a person to find it in change and accept that the energy has to flow and circle at all times. In the practical sense, this means that one has to give in order to receive and there will never come a reward without it being earned through all sorts of deeds, life choices and ancestry.

Sagittarius: Even though this is obviously someone who can profit from teaching, philosophy, or travel, the quantity earned won’t be easily contained and will be spent quickly. People with Sagittarian second houses are probably more than happy to spread their wealth around. Natives born with Sagittarius in the Second House are usually lucky with money and know-how to multiply it. The more money they have, the more their activities can expand, so they usually need rich resources. Those with enough may decide to sponsor others and to help different or educational groups.

Capricorn: A lesson that needs to be learned in Capricorn is always learnt best through rest, and one cannot see just how much they are worth unless they are well-rested.Not known to easily forgive, individuals born with Capricorn in Second House don’t just ignore their financial responsibilities or the mistakes others are making when it comes to money. Hard workers, Second House Capricorns know what to do to obtain what they want in life, not to mention they can teach others how to do the same thing and to be ready for any type of effort.

Aquarius: This is a person that has a need to take great financial risks, just like they will take risks with their health and all the things their body can handle consuming fast and junk food way too often for their liver and heart to take in. Most of the time, their interests are many, so they don’t have clear objectives. It’s easy for them to determine how they can develop from ta very young age. Others can be sure they’ll always adhere to their principles and rules.

Pisces: The complicated thing here lies in the fact that delusions with Pisces tend to take over, and one can feel truly and deeply satisfied without having much, just like they could overestimate their abilities in certain fields, lost in their true mission and focus towards material goals. Natives with this placement have a good soul and are generous, so they can oftentimes suffer from this. However, there can be moments when their generosity is being paid back and they receive charity ten times more than they have given.

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