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Beaver Moon 2021:Lunar Eclipse

The Beaver Moon is here in the VERY EARLY hours of the morning at 3:57 am, and is known as the Beaver Moon. The name of November’s Full Moon may have been for Native American setting beaver traps this time of the year or the larger presence of beavers building winter dams. November’s Full Moon is also known as the Frost Moon.

During this moon, there will be an amazing lunar eclipse. The moon will likely turn a reddish color as the Earth covers almost all of the moon. This eerie hue is why lunar eclipses are often referred to as “Blood Moons.”

Eclipses want you to live your best life, so if anything is not in alignment (professionally, romantically, interpersonally, emotionally, etc.), the eclipses will ignite major changes to make room for better opportunities.

This eclipse occurs in Taurus, making it a transformational Taurus-Scorpio Axis moon.

What types of situations are you encountering? Who is showing up in your life? What are your hopes and wishes? What are your pain points and disappointments?

With the Moon in Taurus, you have a greater opportunity to be in touch with your fundamental needs, together with the practicality to know how to achieve them. If your body needs rest, DO SO. This is a time to enjoy the comfort and beauty around you.

If you have planets in Taurus or Scorpio these eclipses will pack an extra punch! And if your North and South Nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio, you’ll be beginning either your Nodal Opposition or Nodal Return. These are both powerful periods that help you align with your destiny, and they happen every nine years. The eclipse will push these zodiac signs to connect with their bodies and seek security when it comes to matters of love, finance, and self-worth. They will have to simultaneously brace themselves for unexpected events and sudden shifts, which can throw them out of their comfort zones.

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