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Candle Meanings: Yellow

A yellow candle meaning of enlightenment gives you a powerful tool for meditation and prayer practices. The color yellow is a symbol of divine wisdom and spiritual truths. You can light a yellow candle during your practices to connect with these energies. A yellow candle meaning is often associated with various zodiac signs.

By lighting a yellow candle to represent your zodiac sign, you can invoke the candle energies to bolster your sun sign. The zodiac signs that feature the color yellow in their color palettes include Leo with its ruler the Sun, Gemini with its ruler Mercury, Sagittarius with its ruler Jupiter, or Virgo with its ruler Mercury.

The third chakra color is yellow. This is the chakra that is located above your navel and below your chest. It is also known as the solar plexus.

Light a Yellow Candle to Connect With Higher Self

This chakra is the center for enthusiasm, joy, wisdom, and hope. It enables you to move through life with wisdom from your true higher self. You can tap into this when you light a yellow candle and meditate on this region of your body.

Dark yellow candle

Since a yellow candle is available in different shades, a dark yellow or a golden candle is usually burned during a ritual to gain divine wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and attain success in life.

Dark Yellow Candles are well-known for attracting male energy that means attracting spiritual energy connected with God. As a result, you are connected to the Godly energy that brings you prosperity, happiness, and wealth.

Light yellow candle

A light yellow candle or a yellow candle in simple terms is used during rituals to expand your learning capacity by:

  • Improving memory;

  • Dismissing any mental blocks;

  • Acquiring clarity that clears your spiritual pathway.

Lighting a yellow candle is known for helping you gain foresight and become more creative as your brain gets new ideas and explores different spiritual paths.

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