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Understanding the Role of Fixed Stars in Astrology

Well, looks like I’ve learned something new. I had no idea about how influential the alignment with the major stars of an astrological constellation truly is to your chart.

Each Star gives an extra boost of its effect to the planet That aligns it. Astrological reports often bring up the notion of “stars” that are often seen as the forces influencing personal luck, fate and destiny. Yet not much is actually said about the stars themselves. Most of astrology is actually dealing with the planets. Let’s discuss what do the real stars, traditionally called the “fixed stars”, bring to astrological charts.

Every star in the heavens has a very unique set of qualities. There are no two similar stars just like there are not two humans with identical fingerprints. Every star expresses their qualities through their light. The light is the carrier of astral energies that are projected across vast interstellar spaces.

In order to have the boost (or hinderance in some cases) from a specific Star, the planet placement of that sign must match the degree placement of that Star.

I’ll be posting the stars in separate posts here and there, so keep a lookout for those and make sure you have your birth chart to compare and see if anything matches up.

Happy Learning!

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