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Hey Now, Hey Wow: the meaning behind saying “hey”

Did you know that the letter “hey” in Hebrew is the letter of the purest feminine energy?

We turned this into a word, but this is actually a Hebrew letter that connects between the Crown and Wisdom in the tree of life.

It is associated with the fire element.

This will bring out the feminine aspects of your personality, combining wisdom, intelligence, gentleness, lightness, and grace, to inspire love and harmony.

It also helps in areas of fertility, regeneration, creativity, prosperity, and success.

Isn’t it interesting?

How often you say “hey”without even realizing what energy you are invoking?

It is an energy of charisma and being able to be pleasant to others.

In addition to this, there is an angel that only uses this letter.

ANGEL NUMBER 41 HAHAHEL can be called upon or invoked by saying “hey-hey-hey” and anyone who has seen any previous post of mine when I talk about my own personal angels will know that this is the angel of my birthday; the angel that rules over October 14-18th. 🥹🥰🙌🏾✨👑

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