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Holiday Spirit: The Spirituality of Poinsettias

When thinking of the holidays, which plant stands out in your memory? For many it's the beautiful poinsettia. However, do you know why? The poinsettia has a deep cultural and symbolic meaning.

It is said that the Aztecs were the first people to cultivate poinsettias. They originally use poinsettias for dyes and for medication. They called the poinsettia the Cuetlaxochitl, which translates to ”star flower”. Interestingly, red is also a color of purity in Aztec wisdom.

Poinsettias are native to Mexico and Guatemala. It was first introduced to the United States by Joel Poinsett. Joel Poinsett was an American linguist, scientist, horticulturist, and also a missionary to Mexico. The plant was named after him sometime in the nineteenth century in honor of his missionary work.

It has a spiritual meaning beyond just being a part of Christmas or Christian traditions. The red poinsettia in particular represents the power of regeneration, renewal, and vitality that comes with the next season being spring. The poinsettia is also a symbol for motherhood.

The plant itself takes a lot of patience in order to grow and it actually needs up to 14 hours of darkness each day. To remind you that the season of winter is a great time to reflect on every moment that occurred during the year good or bad. Be ready for changes by the time spring arrives.

Once it is bloomed and maintained however, it is an incredibly durable flower. Remember your determination and willpower to end this year of positively and carry it over into the next year forward.

This flower can help create a room of joy and inviting energy, making it perfect for the holiday family gatherings. Poinsettias can reminds us to never overlook the magic in life, even when it seems insignificant. It’s also a reminder to take care of life because you never know what a little love can produce!


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