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Intro to Esoteric Astrology: What are Sabian Symbols?

In my quest to explore and deep dive in esoteric Astrology, I have been studying what is called Sabian symbols. If y’all think that degree expression can be challenging to learn, esoteric astrology is completely different from traditional Astrology and each degree holds its own symbolism for each sign. Meaning someone with a 10° Aries placement will have a completely different symbol from someone with a 10° Scorpio placement.

And now I know you’re asking, what are Sabian symbols? Well, there’s 360 symbols, one for every single degree of the zodiac in each sign. Meaning that each person has a unique set of symbols that gives further insight into the souls desires and missions for this lifetime. It also gives confirmation to certain urges that your soul has had that you may even be fighting against and not understand why. These urges are going to continue to pop up because these are things that your soul chose to tackle in this lifetime and accomplish. Some of the symbols also give insight into gifts that you can use in order to achieve your life’s mission.

Many times the most dominant symbols will be coming from the chart ruler. Depending on aspects with certain placements though, you will see a stronger influence. For example, in esoteric Astrology sun conjunct Any planets automatically enhance the influence of that planet and you’re going to want to look at that symbol first over traditional rulers. Also keep in mind that the description for the degree after yours (rounded up) may also resonate. This is because they started at 1° and not 0°. Both may resonate or just one or the other.

I’ll use my Scorpio Pluto 24° as an example. Since I am a Scorpio Rising this placement shows itself more strongly being in my first house.

The Sabian Symbol for 24° Scorpio is "Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired man."

This symbol represents the power of wisdom, inspiration, and spiritual guidance. The image of people coming down from a mountain to hear the words of a wise or inspired individual suggests a collective search for higher truths, enlightenment, or meaningful insights.

In turn, this degree may indicate someone who possesses a unique gift for imparting wisdom or insight, or someone who has a strong connection to spiritual or esoteric knowledge. It can also relate to situations where individuals are drawn to the teachings, guidance, or mentorship of others in their pursuit of personal growth or understanding.

Pretty cool, right? If you’d like to learn more about some of your symbols, receive channeled messages from the cosmos along with talk about how the current transits are affecting your natal placements, book a session with me. I’m excited to now offer these sessions for an hour long, where you don’t have to wait for me to make a report and we can dive right into it if you know your birth time and location. 🤍✨

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