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Karma Can be Good Too

Doing a little studying on Karmic aspects in the natal chart and revisiting this has me seeing more of the positive karma and aspects that we often overlook. We have to keep in mind that Good Karma means just as much and we brought gifts into this life from the past as well as debts. We should look to those gifts to neutralize and balance the books of our debt.

An example of a "Good Karma" analysis: My natal Saturn 4H is trine my natal Sun, Moon and Jupiter 12H - This means that in a past life, there was a great balance between creativity and reality, individuality, and responsibility. And that, in this life, through the same just and pure work, experiences, and efficiency, I’ll actually be able to become known more steadily and firmly (not to say I want fame, but as I apply action, notoriety may be inevitable) . I already learned how to combine and mutually support, both my professional and business life with home and family. This life brings me more enjoyment in being a spouse and a mother. I also lived my past life dignified, respected, and a pillar of stability in my social circle. In this life I got rewarded to exceed those levels based above all on the responsibility that I take on in this life, along with good judgment, and realistic optimism. I learned lessons of tolerance and compassion by serving the sick or a charitable cause. Now, my faith can move me in this life to those who need it the most. I’m also especially divinely protected in the face of misfortune in difficulties, which is due to my internal good karma.

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