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Lunar Eclipse Personal Reflection

🪞🦋🌕Personal reflection time.

Having a Saturn return in the fourth house, really prepared me for the transformations that I had to make in my family regarding the acceptance of our gifts and the freedom from religious institution.

I’m a libra moon 12H, so I knew that whatever connection I would have with my maternal lineage had to do with my spiritual karma and what my purpose was going to be in this life.

This purpose would be strongly connected with carrying the gifts that had been passed down to me through my maternal line for at least five generations.

 Now my mother and grandmother, for the beginning of my childhood raised me in a Baptist church, but as they got older, we switched to a nondenominational Christian church. And we liked this so much better, because there was openness to the sermons that were given. It didn’t seem so closed off and pushed away from what spirituality truly is. But I knew there was more.

As I got older, I saw that my mother and grandmother were definitely willing to light candles, collect certain crystals, and make altar spaces and memoirs for our relatives and ancestors. When I was 10, I finally told the two of them that I had been seeing spirits in hearing ringing in my ears for about three years at that point. They let me know, then that I was a third generation medium and oracle. This is also when I started diving into astrology. 

Fast forward to when I was 23, and I finally started being more public about the fact that I like to do readings and study birth charts. I received a lot of backlash, because I had been a youth pastor for a few years while in high school and occasionally cared for little children at the nursery in our church. But my mother and my grandmother did not back down.

Over the years, they have stood up for me and told those “church folk” (even family) about themselves!

TOGETHER, we’ve been able to dive way deep into our natal charts, human design, numerology, and more. And I absolutely know how incredibly blessed I am to have started my journey with a support system. And don’t get me wrong. There were many lessons that we had karmically amongst each other to work through. But we’re pushing through it.

I helped them finally be more open to other resources that truly connect them to Christ consciousness. And they reciprocate that, by always allowing me a space to speak freely of all of my discoveries.

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