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Mars in Sagittarius: The Roof is On Fire!

On the 13th, Mars enters Sagittarius, giving us a dose of hyper activity and making us VERY vocal about our opinions. On the flip-side, we have to watch out for a propensity to overshare and dish out unsolicited advice, believing that our opinions outweigh our fellows. It’s a time to adopt a more inclusive perspective, and set our sights on a new domain. So don’t water it down folks. Let your determination and willpower be at its fullest. Allow yourself to venture into new territories of love, career, and socialization.

If you think it, DO IT. LIVE IT. BE IT. LOVE IT.

This is a time for great achievements, big steps, and moving forward. Most of all, this transit is here to let us know that it is we who decide what happens in our lifetime.

This transit is such a boost, that no one sign receives any detriment from it. EVERYONE can take it all in. Encouragement is now within the environment. Leave no stone unturned, but remember what you start, you also need to bring to completion.

Make it Grand. Do it Big.

Passion leads to a great boost in your love life! The sexual energy from a Sagittarius Mars can be the ultimate fun and excitement. Use this time to do an exciting date night and/or rev up the bedroom with your partner. Learn more about each other’s bodies and make it a goal to bring out the fun and adventure in each other.

Don’t ride the wave, Be the wave!

Yes, we know Sagittarius is a fire sign…but it’s a great figure of speech! Create your own masterpieces, travel across the seas, accomplish your goals. You got this!

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