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Mercury Retrograde in Libra: What Message it Gives Your Zodiac Sign

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Mercury goes retrograde in the zodiac three times a year. Each retrograde lasts about three weeks. Mercury is the planet ruling Gemini and Communication and as such, we can expect communication on the earth to become easily misunderstood, we can also expect technology to break down, and unfavourable adventure.

This is usually not be a favourable time to make any hasty decision or carry out any long drawn out travel plans.

People often notice that it is much more challenging to interact with others during this period. Mercury retrograde is also tough on anything related to automotive as a whole, anything from breakdowns to accidents, to suddenly developing weird quirks or making strange sounds, to diagnosing mechanical issues etc.

This is an especially tough time since it might feel like we aren’t even speaking the same language as the people we’re normally in sync with. Miscommunication can easily happen, and our patience may wear thin.

Be patient with loading screens. Be attentive to travel and automobiles. It’s best to take a deep breath and try to decipher what others are really trying to say during this Mercury Retrograde.

A message to each zodiac sign:

Amazing Aries - this period encourages you to reflect on and reassess how you're showing up in your one-on-one relationships, and what others are bringing to the table too. Take advantage by talking through any misunderstandings with your loved ones.

Terrific Taurus- Because Venus is your shared planet with Libra, the host of this retrograde, you'll connect with its themes. It’s at this time that you would totally benefit from more spontaneity, more fun, more time with friends or your lover…so get off of the couch!

Grand Gemini- Mercury retrograde in Libra may bring an old idea into your mind once more. Really weigh your options and only make a decision once you’ve thought it through.

Caring Cancer- You need to steer clear of life changing issues, it’s smart to simply postpone important or irreversible decisions, if you can, she adds, as you could very well change your mind later.

Lavish Leo- The harmonious sextile (60-degree angle) between Libra and Leo could offer you some clarity on past projects during this retrograde. You’ll know where to keep investing and where to cut your losses.

Vivacious Virgo- The retrograde seems to have the least effect on you. Hopefully you enjoyed your birthday, and continue on doing what you do best for the rest of the year! Relaxing, enjoying the holidays and going with the flow will really benefit you during this period.

Lovely Libra- It seems that you’re on your journey to have peace and love in your life! This conjunction retrograde is really going to help you redefine and reimagine all of the endless possibilities of positive relationships around you.

Sexy Scorpio- The retrograde will have a little affect on you so go ahead and finish up some projects that you need to get done and if you’ve been thinking on taking up a small time in your day for hobby you enjoy or even a part-time job, go for it!

Super Sagittarius- it seems that this retrograde will have you thinking of some past decisions that you made and how to make some of these wrongs right. Continue on your journey of self discovery and making changes for the better and healthier you.

Cunning Capricorn- The square that this retrograde creates makes it a little bit harder for you to concentrate. Make sure you double check your work. Dot the “I” and cross the “T”.

Awesome Aquarius- Your love life might be a focal point for you during this retrograde. Try to take a fair and balanced approach to romance, rather than rushing in. Otherwise, you might miss the true intentions of an existing or potential partner.

Pristine Pisces- Keep your eyes open to what the world is attempting to show you in terms of your career, Pisces. Make sure to dig deep to figure out the best direction you should go.

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