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It is essential to have personal boundaries in order to have healthy relationships. Personal Boundaries are important because they set the basic guidelines of how you want to be treated. Boundaries are basic guidelines that people create to establish how others are able to behave around them.

Most new Entrepreneurs fear missing out on business opportunities. They worry if they don’t take on everythingthat comes their way, they won’t be successful.

The problem is, people with that mentality have trouble setting boundaries.

While I love my clients very much like friends, it is important that they still respect the personal space that I have to have in order to recuperate and recharge my energy. I always will put forth 100% effort to client needs but as you can see, I also have to pay attention to myself. Because I am human. Because I am a wife. Because I am a mother.

I cannot help others if I do not practice the advice that I give. And this is a fault partially of my own. I need to be more forthcoming about when I truly am busy with family or self-care. Reiterate my business hours and my policies for services.

Of course, I am willing to talk about anything that’s going on in your life as a friend at any time. But when it comes to business or me having to sit down and do some thing service related I need to be able to say my business hours are 11 AM to 7:30 PM PST.

There will be some Saturdays or Sundays that I take time away my office for my family. There may be times where if you are a client I have appointments for other clients that are scheduled and I cannot get to you right away. I will get to you. Please be patient with me.

And I am NOT saying this as if any of you amazing clients are annoying me. I’m taking responsibility for not being true to myself and being upfront with you all.

Blessed be and so much love from me,


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