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Planetary Aspects: Conjunction

When two planets are conjunct, they are traveling close together in the same zodiac sign. As a result, they will blend their energies. This can either be an extremely powerful alliance like a megadose of one kind of energy, or too much of a good thing.

Of course, it depends WHICH planets are conjunct, since some (for example, restless Uranus or stressful Mars) could actually bring more tension than relaxation. When three or more planets are conjunct each other in the same house, this aspect is called a “stellium.”

In effect, conjunctions can be a blind spot. When the Sun is in close conjunction to Neptune, for example, others may note the distinction, but it can be hard for the native to distinguish between their sense of individuality and their spiritual, evasive, or roundabout nature. The native may just assume, naturally, that others are much the same way.

What conjunctions do you have? Do you feel that they work in tandem? Do you feel that they help aid a certain negative aspect about yourself but you need to work on? If you have a stellium, feel free to check out these short descriptions below:

Aries/ 1st House Stellium: Will shine in the spotlight, especially in leadership positions. Very hard working. Sharp minded and always ready to run the race. Loves to play games, good at games. leadership qualities. Very passionate and usually physically gifted in some way, athletic or a dancer. Confident most of the times, but can also have moments where you feel extremely vulnerable. Frequent migraines.

Taurus/ 2nd House Stellium: Sensual. Charming. A seductive voice. Great at cooking, appreciation for food. Loves fine arts, jewelry. Obsessed with money and commodity.

Always seeking for pleasurable experiences. Attention to physical appearance. Likes comfy textures. Very musical, has musical talent and maybe plays instruments. highly stubborn. Determined. Can be excellent or horrible with money, just usually of some extreme on way or the other. It's steadfastness, patience, and stability. Sinus issues.

Gemini / 3rd House Stellium: Good with technology. Likes to travel, drive, navigate. Party planner. Very humorous and often is "class clown" type. Can see many perspectives, thinks often. Can overthink, have anxiety. Walking encyclopedia. Storyteller, can be an excellent writer. Dental health must be watched closely. May have many siblings or be very close to them. Friends are also like siblings. Good neighbor or makes friendships through neighborhood/community.

Cancer /4th House Stellium: Loves children. Nurturing. Loves to be sentimental. Good gift giver. Loves to have family gatherings. Can be overprotective. Deeply intuitive, especially regarding messages from maternal ancestors. Connected/close relationship with Mother. Connection to water and the moon. Childcare and nursing professions. Issues with Chest/breasts.

Leo /5th House Stellium: Good with Children. Loves the spotlight. Life of the party. Very sweet or soft hearted. Innovative. Very loyal to friends and loved ones. Beautiful hair, natural hair health. Says things with their chest. A bit bossy. Loves fashion, trends, runways, selfies, any types of positive attention. If not liking attention, cannot help but grab attention. Highly creative, inventive.

Virgo/6th House Stellium: Service to others. Can be very particular. Neurotic. Holistic healing, nursing, helping the elderly. Focus, organization, and attention to detail. Brilliant at editing, proofing and problem-solving. May need routine, health or food regimine. Can also be a picky eater. Likes to perform or present things. good with speeches. Frugal.

Libra/7th House Stellium: Social, charming. Loves being in partnerships, relationships. Likes expensive or quality items. Loves to dance or sig. Very indecisive or able to see different perspectives very clearly. Can read body language (reads the room) well. Protests injustices or advocates for changes within the community. Can sit back and observe. Wide vocabulary, may talk in circles. Issues with reproductive system (ovaries) or kidneys.

Scorpio/ 8th House Stellium: Very mysterious, deep or emotional. Private, very observant. Love of the occult. Roots for the underdog. Loyal. Can keep your deepest secrets and never share them. Unintentionally attracts intense people. Magnetic. Very sensual/sexual. Always ready to get to the most intense or emotion side of conversations, to transform and heal wounds. Usually wounded themselves. Make sure to do routine sexual health checks.

Sagittarius/ 9th House Stellium: Optimistic to a fault. The first person to tell you everything will be okay, but after explaining how everything can possibly go wrong. The adventuring spirit.

Philosopher. Love to learn and take in new information. Takes leaps of faith and encourages others too. Loves to play games, have parties, and spend time with friends. Social, but can accidentally dominate conversations or be slightly inappropriate. Leg, muscle issues.

Capricorn/10th House Stellium: Reputation is valued. The designated driver in friend groups. Stable, firm and steady. Loves a dry humor. Can be frugal but is often very good with money and loves great quality. Minimalist or super elegant, no in-betweens usually. Moves into managerial positions quickly. Is seen as very reliable. Assertive. Usually rises to some sort of notoriety, if only in their hometown or career field. Knee problems.

Aquarius/11th House Stelliums: Highly intellectual and ambitious. Can organize through chaos. For the people. Fights for a cause, or fights the right to fight. Can read the room. Sees many perspectives, but knows how to respectfully disagree or be decisive. Extra spiritual sense with collective moods and happenings. Natural with computers or technology. Thinks outside the box. Ignores the box. Problems with ankles, lower legs.

Pisces/12th House Stellium: Poetic speech. Dreamer. May be seen as aloof, or in own world. Creative. Old soul, may speak from experience of the soul and not of the life they're currently living. May have issues staying in hometown or need to move to find comfort. Dives into hobbies, very artistic. Very imaginative, but must feel comfortable before sharing. Strives to give sense of belonging to others.

House Wheel with Definitions:

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