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That’s My Name.

SATURNday personal reflection. ❤️✨

10:10 posting.

Breaking down my name and embracing the spiritual origins and why my soul chose this name has been incredible.

Now the name itself before any breakdown is old Norse, which I’ve always felt a connection to. Meaning “ruler”, “always” or “ruler of all”.

Erica is Latin for Heather or Hather which is a plant close in likeness to lavender.

It is mentioned in the book of Isaiah in the Bible.

Heather is known to be a color palette of: blue, pink, purple and grey. Now I don’t know if y’all realize this by now but turquoise, pink and purple in that order are my favorite colors.

Now the plant itself has its own spiritual meaning: Passion, generosity, healing, success, spiritual growth, connections with the spirit world. Lovers and consummation. Heather is a symbolic link between Mother Earth and Father Heaven. It has a strong influence on lifting the spirit and caring for others. Helps to focus on passion, healing, and intuition. It can be a sign that romance is in the air and that dreams are about to come to fruition.

It is associated with Venus(I’m a Libra). It’s vibration is the number 11 (my life path number). It’s spirit animal connections are the bee and the lion (which I found super interesting because my intellectual Angel is the Nith Haiah, Angel of 0-5° Leo)

Can you feel my excitement? IT’s SATURNday I’m diving into the roots of my soul!

Translating the meaning my soul carries has given me a new name: Atara meaning crown. 👑 🥹

I’m hype y’all. I’ve been deep diving so much this year especially into my studies of Hebrew, the Kabbalah and the 72 names of God. It’s been a fun journey thus far. 🙌🏾✨👑

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