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The 12th House: Dark and Light Themes

OK, y’all were asking about these descriptions in another post, so I finally did it! 

I love that I learned embrace my 12th house energy and encourage others to dive deeper into their charts for those placements that may be in “malefic” aspects. It’s about that time to post a quick rundown of the light to shadow themes of each sign. I’ll do planets some other time.

L I G H T 🤍🕊️✨

♈︎ Aries: Spiritual Growth, Hidden Strengths, Intuitive Knowing, Divine Connection, Divine Inspiration, Retribution for children and the innocent

♉︎ Taurus: Compassion, Selfless Service, Forgiveness, Transformative Healing, Beautfying of Space, Gaia connection, retribution for thievery 

♊︎ Gemini: Spiritual Enlightenment, Insightful Awareness, Deep Empathy, Connection with Higher Powers, Ancient tongue and communication, retribution for the silenced

♋︎ Cancer: Psychic Abilities, Compassionate Communication, Intense Introspection, Wisdom from the Past, Water healer, Retribution for the sins of the mother

♌︎ Leo: Spiritual Creativity, Visionary Thinking, Self-Discovery, Transcendent Self-Expression, Bringer of the brightest light, the Savior, Retribution for the outcast

♍︎ Virgo: Spiritual Healing, Divine Connection, Introspective Observation, Service to the World, Green thumb healing of the Earth, retribution for the pure of heart and the animals

♎︎ Libra: Intuitive Insight, Self-Knowledge, Karmic Balance, Deep Connection to the Unseen, Retribution for the enslaved or betrayed

♏︎ Scorpio: Deep Transformation, Mystical Awakening, Spiritual Healing, Experience of the Phoenix, Tantric Wisdom, retribution for the assaulted

♐︎ Sagittarius: Spiritual Exploration, Mystical Visions, Compassionate Action, Universal Understanding, Awakens the Sleeping mind, retribution for the kidnapped

♑︎ Capricorn: Karmic Redemption, Spiritual Leadership, Transcendent Wisdom, Healing for the World, Retribution for the fatherless

♒︎ Aquarius: Divine Connection, Spiritual Vision, Enlightened Intuition, Spiritual Mastery, Retribution of the Martyr

♓︎ Pisces: Spiritual Awareness, Mystical Oneness, Transcendent Creativity, Compassionate Love, Retribution of the Lovers Scorned

S H A D O W 🖤🐦‍⬛🕷️

♉︎ Aries: Hidden or passive aggression, Self-Destructive Patterns, Spiritual Disconnection, Egotistic Approach to Spiritual Growth

♉︎ Taurus: Emotional Repression, Overindulgence in Escapism or Addiction, Laziness to extremes, Stubbornness in Spiritual Growth

♊︎ Gemini: Confusion in Mental States, Miscommunication within the Self, Scattered Energy, Spiritual Superficiality

♋︎ Cancer: Secretive Behaviour, Emotional Baggage, Escapism, Victim Mentality

♌︎ Leo: Spiritual Pride, Contempt for Hidden Aspects of the Self, Lack of Humility in Spiritual Growth, Overindulgence in Creative Escapism

♍︎ Virgo: Perfectionism in Spiritual Growth, Self-Denial, Lack of Compassion, Over-Analysis of Unconscious Material

♎︎ Libra: Denial of the Shadow Self, Indecision in Spiritual Growth, Lack of Independent Spiritual Journey, Rejection of the Spiritual Path

♏︎ Scorpio: Self-Sabotage, Fallen Spiritual Values, Possibility of Abuse of Power, Addiction, Obsession, and Unhealthy Spiritual Practices

♐︎ Sagittarius: Spiritual Arrogance, Overindulgence in Spiritual Practices, Lack of Commitment to One Spiritual Path

♑︎ Capricorn: Spiritual Oppression, Loss of Spiritual Purpose, Inability to Forgive and Let Go, Spiritual Materialism

♒︎ Aquarius: Escapism, Spiritual Strangeness and Alienation, Eccentricity to an Extreme Level, Lack of Emotional Connection to Spiritual Growth

♓︎ Pisces: Overly Empathetic Approach, Spiritual Martyrdom, Self-Victimization, Misuse of Intuition

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