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The Retrograde 7

Breathe. It’s a Seven Planet Retrograde.

In astrology, retrogrades are a necessary part of life. Even though the mere mention of the word “retrograde” could leave you with a whole bunch of anxiety, it’s something that cannot be stopped.

At best, planetary retrogrades are an opportunity to calm yourself, embrace introspection, and wrap old projects up.

At worst, a retrograde can pave the way for the most awkward and frustrating situation imaginable.


If you’re wondering what planets are retrograde during September 2021, BRACE YOURSELF…It’s SEVEN.

Pluto (April 27 to Oct. 6): deep inner transformation

Saturn (May 23 to Oct. 10): Reflection of efforts in life improvements

Jupiter (June 20 to Oct. 18): internal growth and expanding your spirituality

Neptune (June 25 to Dec. 1): deeper sense of clarity about the truth that surrounds you

Chiron (July 15 to Dec. 19): listening to your heart & self-healing

Uranus (Aug. 19 to Jan. 18, 2022): learning independence

Mercury (Sept. 27 to Oct. 18): perfect opportunity to return to unfinished projects. No starting new ones yet.

Breathe, we got this.

Blessed be,


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