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Thoughts of an Oracle: Why Spiritual Professionals Take Payment

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

So, this is a question that pops up with many spiritual guides, oracles, psychics etc. If these are gifts of light and love, why do you charge for your services? I want to answer that question in the best way that I know how and reflect on why I personally feel that while giving free services to people for nothing in return is something that I love to do and find beauty in, it is still my chosen profession. We that chose to remain in our spirituality and make it a focal point in not only our lives but our careers, are you using our talents like any other. A person who has a gift and talent for athletics gets paid for those services. They use their bodies in ways that others cannot. With someone with a gift that is pronounced in spirituality, they are using their mind, their heart and their body in ways that others either refuse to do or cannot do. You may ask why can’t your gift be free? My answer is that while I would love it if the world exchanged anything else besides paper to represent the value of a beautiful element that is within… this is not the way of the world. The gift of carpentry is exchanged with monetary value. The gift of athleticism is exchanged with monetary value. With that, So be it: the professional spiritualist and guide be paid the same. Our energy is drained during the services. As I explain in my guidance and courses on numerology, numbers are an exchange of energy. And so that exchange can be in the place of emotional and physical energy. I hope this was able to give clarity and insight to those who feel skeptical about spiritual professionals who have prices for many of the powerful services that they offer. Blessed be,Erica 💋

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