What I like about you: A letter to Libra

Dearest Libra,

You're fun-loving, sometimes to the point of being indulgent. Libras love good conversation, good food and a good adventure (preferably with a friend or two). You love to add a little unique touch to anything to do or wear for that matter. You're a social butterfly who adores classic romance, which is bound to be a turn-on for anyone who loves being swept off their feet and/or enjoys doing the sweeping. There’s excitement under that nonchalant attitude that you put on. Underneath the someone who is very enthusiastic about all different people and walks of life. You cannot make everyone happy all at once.

There's a huge need for peace of mind. Libras love to make friends and new connections, and you cannot do this when there is tension or conflict in the air. Libras are usually the ones not taking things seriously in order to lighten the mood.

Don't hesitate to let your true colors show. Be the great and loyal friend that you are, and don't waste time on people who judge you for your compassion and idealism. Be honest with yourself. Libras can have trouble admitting their faults. Don't think of these things as negatives, just a part of you that might need some extra attention. Make sure you know where you need to improve, because otherwise you might walk over people without meaning to, leading to some confrontation.

Speaking of confrontation, it's okay to face those feelings. Express yourself in a calm manner. Stop letting things build up. I think the key here would be to be calm in these situations or when emotions are fluctuated and take deep breaths. You might pretend like you didn't snap a minute ago but the other person will look at you differently and could get hurt.


Oracle Erica

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