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These crystal healing bracelets are wonderful for meditation, manifestation and energy management. Each color corresponds with a different chakra, so you can purchase whichever ones you need for the space you are in.

Obsidian- protection, grounding, shadow work

Amethyst- spiritual strength, intuition, empathy, lucid dreaming, anti anxiety

Lapis Lazuli- intuition, emotional balance, communication, understanding of wisdom, speeches, ease of learning

Turquoise- grounding, protection, communication, hope

Green Aventurine- luck, compassion, prosperity, stability, good fortune

Orange Aventurine- ambition, creativity, confidence, willpower, help with legal matters, sexual drive and fertility

Red Aventurine- grounding, trust in self and others, awareness, focus, vitality, physical well-being, family bonding

Chakra Crystal Irregular Chip Bead Bracelets

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