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Spirit quartz is an unusual variety of quartz which is found only in South Africa. It features one main central crystal point with many small terminated points growing along the body of the main crystal. Because of its appearance, it is also sometimes called pineapple quartz or cactus quartz.


Although this quartz formation is most commonly found as amethyst exhibiting varying shades of lavender/purple, other varieties do exist, including citrine, white, and smokey spirit quartz. One of the most exciting properties of this crystal is its ability to connect the everyday conscious awareness with the Higher Self (the greater overall soul, which contains all the memories of all the lives and experiences that soul has ever had).


The amethyst variety of spirit quartz is particularly useful for understanding and verbally expressing the divine wisdom of the Higher Self. It opens the crown chakra, clears negative attachments and energies, repairs the etheric body, and cleanses the overall auric field. Citrine spirit quartz activates and unblocks the solar plexus chakra, elevating one to act directly from the will of the Higher Self. And white spirit quartz is the most beneficial for the physical body, clearing and cleansing it to become the most optimal vehicle and vessel of the Higher Self.

Spirit Amethyst Cluster

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