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11/11/21: A Portal to Ascend

A number is not just a number as you are not just a human, all that is a part of this universe is comprised of energy, frequencies, and vibrations.

Ascension is not a one day process. But to begin means that we are slowly withdrawing our attention and thoughts from the self-limiting thought patterns of old, they are gradually dissolving and becoming ineffectual.

You may see this number throughout the day, usually on a clock. You can however see it many other place. The number 1111 reminds you to be mindful and conscious of what is occurring in that moment, whether it be a thought or an action or behavior. Spirit is bringing this energy to you in this specific moment to make you aware of what is occurring right then. This brings you confirmation of what is happening at the time you see that number. You may also be receiving a positive sign in relation to whatever was occurring when you saw and received the 1111.

We all carry within us the same potential and the same divine love which is the spark of all of creation. The beauty within us helps us see and appreciate the beauty within all.

It is a reminder to us to see the same divinity that is within us within all we encounter. that everyone we meet is only a reflection of our own perception.

You may feel a pull to someone you consider a soul mate of twin flame because of the need to balance your energy within yourself and with others.

Associated with this day, Archangel Metatron is one of these special angels appointed to help humans. He is also known as the Angel of Ascension, Metatron is said to be the highest-ranking Archangel. Some sources claim he once lived here on earth so he fully understands the human plight and is likely to respond when called upon. Archangel Metatron is said to be super powerful, and to be able to clear out anything in your life that keeps you stuck. Everything from negative beliefs, fears, insecurities, and limitations are right up his alley.

Things you can do during this portal:

-Deep meditation

-write your intentions & goals

-recognize old patterns that can evolve through reflection

- release the negative energy you’ve been holding

-embrace your growth

-release things/people that do not mean you well

-Open your heart and speak intentions through a prayer to archangel Metatron


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