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12th House SelenoFiles: Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

The upcoming full moon in Pisces of 2021, also known as the full harvest moon, is occurring in the dreamy and creative sign of Pisces on September 20th at 7:54 p.m., ET.

Expect breakthroughs, change, and reveals during this time.

This moon will spark personal growth by highlighting limitations and misalignment in relationships, causing sudden breakthroughs and encouraging change towards a more fulfilling direction. This can be in the realm of love, platonic relationships or contractual agreements.

This energy is pushing us to have the important conversations surrounding our agreements and relationships for the better.

Ultimately, the full moon in Pisces of 2021 is a time when your dreams and visions can manifest.

Harvest Moon Rituals:

The best things to do when the moon is full is to reflect, release, and celebrate. If there was something that happened to you over this past month that you haven’t quite let go of yet, a full moon ritual can help you let go and move forward.

Write down your achievements

Reflect of all you have accomplished this moon cycle. Give yourself love for all the things you’ve grown in for the better.

Tell yourself these affirmations:

  • The moon is full tonight and so am I

  • I am ready to release beliefs that no longer serve me

  • The next month will be full of light just like the moon

  • I release what happened to me in the past and look forward to the future

  • I am co-creating the life of my dreams

  • The Universe is on my side

  • I am in alignment with my higher purpose

  • I accept myself

  • It is safe to say I want to fulfill my dreams

  • I love myself

Set Intentions with Moon Water

Put water in a vase and go outside, holding it in the moonlight.

Sit with your hands on each side of your water envision your gratitude, light, and intentions filling up the Moon water.

You can even say a chant if you’d like to help focus your intent:

As I sit beneath the Full Moon tonight,

I’m filled with an illuminating and positive light,

I am grateful for_______ and __________,

I honor these last days of summer and warmth,

May this next season bring love, growth, and joy,

to myself and those I love ❤️

Blessed be to all and a happy full harvest moon🌕🌾🍂🍁

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