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A Hug to the Spiritualists: Tips for our Clients with Love

I posted this back in September of 2021, but I thought today was a good day to repost on my social media and include it here in my blog. To my clients, I love and appreciate you dearly, but understand that I want what's best for YOU as I want what's best for ME. A healthy relationship with any guide, reader, healer etc is mandatory! Respect is a must.

Reposting this because I have felt the need to give my spiritual guides, readers, light workers, healers etc., ALL of you a hug and a reminder not to push yourselves so hard. I also feel the need to express some key points and issues with all clients and those who seek out our assistance.

We Spiritual Workers are human too. If a reader or healer tells you, “today I’m booked” or “I do not do readings or work on ___day”, please respect that. We have lives outside of appointments that need our energy as well.

We can tell if you are doing something known as “energy fishing”. This is when you hop into a readers inbox and try to spark up friendly conversation while also trying to have small predictions or insight given to you for free. This can also be you repeating statements over and over again in hopes of a spiritual confirmation. This is a big one. Please, DO NOT DO THIS. Respect your reader enough to either let time flow from the last reading so you can actually see the resonation or book a reading after time has passed. Please, respect their boundaries and the fact that you are not the only client they have and help throughout a day. Most of us also post FREE content that you may utilize to grow your OWN connection to Spirit and strengthen your intuition as well.

Our business inbox is NOT for frivolous gossip. Giving us feedback and updates on what’s going on with life after a reading is fine. That feedback is beautiful and a great way to establish a strong bond with your reader that makes readings even more clear for you. But in NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM will we EVER have time to sit down and talk down about others. Giving you advice or guidance on the intentions of a person is one thing, but just constantly bashing someone regarding of where they are in their personal growth is not something we’re here for.

Now, it is your choice whether or not you’d like to do what is known as “reader hop” where you seek the advice of the same topics or questions in a very short amount of time. Understand during a reading if you mention “this reader said this” you may or may not get a confirmation from the next reader. But again, trying to see if one reader will confirm for you what another reader said instead of taking what resonates from each reading is a form of “energy fishing” so please be mindful of this. Be careful getting too many readings and allowing so many people in your energy! It’s NOT HEALTHY and DEFINITELY don’t get in a readers inbox speaking ill of another reader. If you didn’t like a reading, simply don’t get a reading again but that messiness is NOT CUTE. (That’s a kind warning for you because Spirit will make sure a message never resonates for you again period if you aren’t careful)

Every Spiritual Worker has different gifts and probably a different title ie Oracle, Psychic, Healer, Magician, Seer, Shaman, Practitioner etc. If you are told what it is that person you booked is gifted in and how, or they have a description, website, post etc explaining these things READ IT. You don’t get to tell a Spiritual Worker how their gifts should work or how they should use them. Do your research and book the right person for your needs. We all have different gifts for a reason. You may need guidance from one but also cleansing and shadow work guidance from another. This is why respecting the community is important.

This is coming from LOVE. I want y’all to receive the guidance you need to LEVEL UP within. As you allow guidance to flow in and acknowledge what’s needed to make the changes you want for yourself, you in turn realize your own gifts and abilities. We are not supposed to be your crutch, we are here to be your support. We don’t wake you up, we help you feel safe enough to open your eyes for YOURSELF.

Blessed be,

Oracle Erica

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