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Checkpoint: A Week of Reflection

Yesterday a lovely spirit turned my vacuum cleaner on while in the midst of a mediumship reading. They were warm and sweet in energy and I could smell roses. It was lovely to confirm their presence, and when I said goodbye to them I felt gratitude pour between us.

This made me think of all I am grateful for. The full moon in Taurus was a beautiful change of pace. I could breathe. My Leo moon son took several naps and chilled on the couch quite often. My Scorpio moon son however, fought the full moon opposition with a good fight. He refuses to sit still. But as I learn better ways to channel his determination, he grows in ways I couldn’t imagine. Grateful.

I look back constantly at my lowest points in life to reflect on the gratitude and humility I owe everyone around me. I’ve been given love, support, truth, encouragement, and more. And in this life I have a duty to return it. But what’s most uplifting about this aspect is I was allowed to feel the warmth of giving. The beauty of equivalent exchanges and experiences. Grateful.

When I was five, I had seven imaginary friends. I could actually hear them and I would see a picture of their physical characteristics in my mind. It wasn’t until I went into the forest that is my spiritual journey that I realized they were NOT imaginary. I do not see spirits in a traditional sense. I feel and hear their presence and then a picture of them pops into my head. Like a loading screen (lol).

I was afraid at first to admit these abilities to others. Who ever would want me around? Would people think I am crazy?

I remember in middle school, I distracted an entire class, including the teacher, with astrological facts and insight. A few of my Mormon friends stopped communicating with me after that. And now, as I continue to grow, the list of “Mormon friends” has grown a bit. Allowing the distance. Judgment has no place here. It is something I REFUSE to reciprocate.

I remember in high school, I would do tarot readings with playing cards in the back of my Drivers Ed class. Only a select few people knew I was doing that. It was an enjoyable experience and one I can look back on and see growth from. Grateful. But now, I see it is not good to keep who you TRULY are a secret. Let that sh*t out and see who really wants to be around you.

I’m at a point where if you do not want to be involved with my life, please exit. You may announce it or do so quietly, that is your right. If who I am goes against your very being then who am I to intrude upon that space and make you uncomfortable? That, I surely do not want.

Not only can people be let go, so can material things. If my house was ablaze and my family can be saved if I leave everything material behind, LET THAT SH*T burn. I love pretty things trust me, but my hair or nails or the clothes I wear are to EXTEND MY EXPRESSION OF SELF. They are not to show worth. They cannot show worth. That is within.

What I seek is not tangible.

What a week. I still have much to learn. But what I am meant to learn in this life. It will not and cannot be “everything”. I am a Page or Jack. I am not a master. It is only my vibrations that are enhanced. Not my wisdom. I must learn and grow humbly just like everyone else. And just because I use the gifts I’ve grown in more freely than those I’ve only begun to develop DOES NOT MEAN I think I’ve “mastered” them. My soul may be old, but I have yet to tap into all of this souls past. For me, I’m only 28.

As I wrap up this piece, my birth time 8:08 appears as I look at the clock. Much to learn, but I am willing. As with any reading or spiritual insight you have to take it all in. Where there is no resonation, there is GROWTH to be had.

Thank you for reading and blessed be,


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Haily Houston
Haily Houston
20. Nov. 2021

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Erica Barnes
Erica Barnes
20. Nov. 2021
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Thank you for reading! Much love ❤️❤️❤️

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