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Fixed Stars of Scorpio 🌟🌟🌟

Learning about fixed stars in your birth chart⭐️


3°09 Scorpio - Princeps: Ability to research keen, studious and profound mind, business, government, law, science, arts, lies. Fortunate; Mercury/ Saturn ___________________________________

6°57 Scorpio - Khambalia: Deep research of any kind, police investigation, espionage and esoteric subjects. Fortunate; Mercury/ Mars ___________________________________

11°52 Scorpio - Acrux: Interest in astrology and spirituality, metaphysics, sacrifice. Occult; Jupiter


12°16 Scorpio - *Alphecca: Honour, dignity, literate, brilliant, poetic, scandals, betrayal in love, sorrow through children. Fortunate; Venus/ Mercury ___________________________________

12°18 Scorpio - Menken: Wisdom, astronomy, divination, medicine, botany and music. Fortunate; Venus/ Mercury ___________________________________

15°04 Scorpio - *South Scale (Zuben Algenubi): Loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal disease, poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge, criminality. Unfortunate; Saturn/ Mars ___________________________________

19°00 Scorpio - Serpentis (the "Accursed Degree"): A malefic degree, tragedy, misfortune, the "Accursed Degree". This degree does not precess; Unfortunate; Mars/ Saturn ___________________________________

19°23 Scorpio - *North Scale (Zuben Alschemali): Honours, wealth, distinction, brilliant mind, success in sports, politics, war, religion, writing, tragedy, violence, melancholy. Fortunate; Jupiter/ Mercury/ Mars ___________________________________

22°04 Scorpio - *Alpha Serpentis (Unukalhai): Success followed by fall, suicide, insanity, accidents, success in war, politics, writing, problems in love, forgery, shipwreck, loss, earthquake. Unfortunate; Saturn/ Mars ___________________________________

23°48 Scorpio - Agena: Good health, high morals, disillusion through love, success with the masses. Fortunate; Venus/ Jupiter ___________________________________

29°36 Scorpio - Toliman (Bungula): Occult and philosophical learning, self analysis, honours, stubborn, cruel. Fortunate; Venus/ Jupiter

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