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The stars in the sky: A note to the man who inspires me.

First off, happy anniversary my love.

When you’re in a relationship, going through a spiritual awakening can have some VERY interesting effects on the partner. They may join you. They may not. They may understand you. They may reject you. Although it’s scary, you have to come into who you are meant to be no matter what. I acknowledge that everyone doesn’t get a happy ending in this instance.

But to my husband, I say again we are here. Another lifetime we have chosen each other. Our charts show this is the second time around for us. Our rising signs both Scorpio at 7 degrees. The chances of me meeting someone with the same rising in the same degree? INCREDIBLY LOW. Yet here we are.

I know you’ve worked so hard to make sure I had the time and space to go for my dreams and follow my true purpose of helping others. I know that’s there’s so much stress around you. As essential worker around many Covid cases and high workload. But you never stop encouraging me.

I wish you’d take more time out for yourself. You really deserve some time to breathe. I thank you for the sacrifices you made so that I kept our unborn Son safe during the first Covid lockdown. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to do what I really love.

All the stars in the sky, and here we are together. I will never stop choosing to shine with you.

With Love Enough to tell the world,

Erica 🤍

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