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Hellenistic Astrology: LOTta personal reflection

Hellenistic Astrology is fascinating as all get out y’all.

Lot of Fortune: how physical material fortune manifests; On your birth chart, the lot of fortune is an area where you have a natural ability or gift that has the potential for you to find success.

Lot of Spirit: indicates that which the native actively brings into their life. This can indicate choices, that of which is of one's personal volition as well as career and life direction.

Personal Reflection:

My Lot of fortune is currently being ruled by Jupiter. With Lots, the ruling planet takes over for the number of years a revolution would take. 14 years. I have Jupiter energy ruling the Physical and Spiritual fortune simultaneously because my Lot of Fortune and Lot of Spirit are conjunct (which is slightly rare).

Jupiter, in my chart is in Libra, which is also conjunct my sun and moon in the 12H. Combining this with what I already know about the Karmic astrology in my chart means that from serving others, I am able to serve myself in this life. But that does not mean that I get to leave any of my ethics that I have learned in previous lifetimes behind me. In fact, if my intentions are not PURE, FAIR and BALANCED, I WILL NOT PROSPER. And prosper is more than financial folks, we’re talking WISDOM here. This is the contract in which my soul signed before coming into this lifetime.

Which means anyone that is a part of my team/tribe or someone that I support, will gain with me. This is also a part of my soul contract that anyone that I love, I am able to propel forward or ignite inspiration in. 

On the flip side, anyone that tries to use me for personal gain (not pure intentions, hidden motives or expectations) will actually have this horribly backfire in their faces. I will end up seeing this through a projection (my human design actually enforces this) or through a reflection of my own actions.

Jupiter in libra sees all sides of your moral compass, when it comes to success and your reputation in the world. 

My table is big and has glitter and a pink opal table top. The seats are beautiful, turquoise, plush. And all who sit with me are LOVED. If you don’t feel that love, I can’t make you and at anytime you’re welcome to get up and leave. But remember this: when I love, I love with my whole heart. I used to let that be detrimental, and let myself be burnt out, instead of simply taking time for myself to regain energy. But I’m not doing that anymore and because of that I’m starting to see who’s willing to sit and be comfy and flow with the principle of rhythm. And who wants to continuously demand more from me until they can no longer be in my space. 

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