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New Moon in Aquarius: It's the first of the month!

The new moon in Aquarius is happening on February 1, and it's giving us the chance for a fresh start, both personally and in the collective sense. This new moon is also happening on the same day as the Lunar New Year, which is the real start of the year for those who practice Chinese astrology. The "new year, new me" vibes here will be extra powerful.

The main aspect of this Aquarius new moon is a conjunction to taskmaster Saturn, the planet of restrictions, boundaries, commitment, and hard work. The disciplinarian planet offers up reality checks as a rule, sending the message that you need to be willing to put your nose to the grindstone to reach the peak of any mountain you've set your sights on. We'll be nudged to think about the challenging steps that need to be taken in order to make any new moon intention a reality.

You’ll suddenly feel a little more serious and determined about just about everything in your life. On the career front, you’ll feel less tempted to spend time checking out your Instagram feed between meetings and more focused on getting sh*t done. You'll breeze through projects with perfectly-crafted plans A, B, and C, wowing clients and your boss in the process.

You’ll also start making plans with your friends to get out more, whether it’s scheduling a regular Saturday morning yoga session with your BFF or getting a much-overdue girls' weekend locked down. After months of making and breaking plans, you’re ready to just commit to stuff already.

How does this new moon effect your sign?

(I recommend reading your sun, moon and rising signs)


Thanks to the new moon highlighting your long-term wishes sector, you can get clear on which goals to pour your energy into, and possibly have a moneymaking breakthrough to boot. After a month of stress, you’ll finally get a break when Mercury goes direct in your career zone on Thursday. Job-related issues finally start to resolve themselves, and you can start working toward your goals without interference from anyone else.


With the new moon in your career sector, and Uranus in your sign, it's time to kick off a whole new cycle for making big picture professional dreams come true, and to embrace getting out of your comfort zone. A new moon means new opportunities for creating goals for the upcoming lunar cycle when it’s in Aquarius early in the week. The moon in your career zone encourages you to outline everything you want to achieve in the next six months. Where do you want to be in your career, Taurus?


Because the new moon is in your adventure zone, you'll want to break free of a mundane routine that's been making you feel stuck. You can trust your intuition to lead the way. After a stressful retrograde, you’re finally ready to trust your intuition again when Mercury goes direct in your intimacy zone on Thursday. After the unexpected changes that the universe has thrown at you, Gemini, you can take back the power and make your own choices again.


With the new moon falling in your intimacy zone, you could be ready to deepen your commitment to a current significant other, if you're attached or, if you're single, to pour more energy into finding someone special. After a period of lovers’ quarrels and spats with the people in your life, you can finally start finding common ground when Mercury goes direct in your partnership zone on Thursday. After some tough words, you’re ready to sign contracts or just agree to a truce on an important issue.


The new moon activates your partnership zone, requiring you to zero in on a goal you share with a friend, significant other, or close colleague. Uranus' presence in your career zone could have you trying to figure out how to reconcile your one-on-one projects with your greater ambitions. Look for a trusted partner when Juno enters Aquarius and your partnership zone on Tuesday. From getting hitched to starting a business, this is a good time to start a relationship based on trust and common goals. Just make sure to get it all in writing.


With the new moon in your daily routine zone, you're ready to invest even more time and energy into building habits that will boost your well-being and bolster your sense of centeredness. Continue to dedicate yourself to becoming the best person you can be when Juno enters Aquarius and your habit zone on Tuesday. This is a great time to take care of your loved ones and yourself. Devote yourself to forming a morning ritual to get grounded.


This new moon illuminates your self-expression and romance zone, delivering more confidence around a creative or love life-related intention as well as your plan for achieving it. End January on a fun note when the new moon is in Aquarius early this week. The moon is in your creativity zone, encouraging you to start a new and exciting project that can help you express yourself. There are no bad ideas right now, Libra, so don’t be afraid to get a little wild as you create something original.


With the new moon falling in your home zone, you'll be reflecting on the habits, routines, or relationships that contribute the most to your sense of security, then making an effort to spend more time on them. After a major case of brain fog, you’re back to plotting when Mercury goes direct in your communication zone on Thursday. It’s time to get logical about the future as you use your words and ambitious schemes to get what you want.


You've had a ton of exciting collaborative or creative ideas pop up lately, and this new moon, falling in your communication zone, can help you narrow your focus on the ones that speak straight to your heart.Use communication to gain loyalty and respect when Juno enters Aquarius on Tuesday. Start forming bonds with your siblings and neighbors to reach a common goal. This is an ideal time for brainstorming and even traveling together.


With the new moon in your money zone, aspirations you've been pursuing slowly but steadily could begin to dovetail with income-boosting plans. With Uranus in your self-expression zone, you'll want to be sure to own your inner voice as you move forward. While you’re investing your money, invest your time in important relationships when Juno enters Aquarius and your value zone on Tuesday. The more time and care you give to people, the stronger your bond and sense of intimacy will be. Just be careful of jealousy.


Falling in your sign, the new moon presents you with your annual opportunity to define and pursue personal goals, often bearing in mind how you want to be perceived by others. But with Uranus in your home zone, you'll very much be taking your work-life balance and security into account as well. While we’re only in the second month of the new year, your head is still in 2021 when Mercury goes direct in your subconscious zone on Thursday. However, instead of living in the past, you’re able to do something about it. Use what you learned to make your life better, Aquarius.


With the new moon in your spirituality zone, this could be a quiet, reflective moment in which you're compelled to go inward and heal old wounds in order to more confidently push ahead into the future. After a very turbulent month of highs and lows, you end January on a rather quiet note when the new moon is in Aquarius early this week. The moon in your privacy zone encourages you to stay in for the night to do some tarot reading and a lot of self-care. Don’t be surprised if you draw the Hermit card, Pisces. It just means you need to take it easy.

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