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12th House SelenoFiles: New Moon in Libra 🌙 ♎️ with Pluto going direct

Here it comes! Rising in the skies on Oct. 6 in the beauty filled Venusian sign of Libra, this New Moon brings us the cosmic motivation we need to maintain our equilibrium and stay on top of goals through this final fourth of the year.

Because October’s new moon is auspiciously aligning with passionate Mars,we’ll all feel extra motivated when it comes to setting personal intentions and going after what we want. The new moon also peaks on the same day that the Pluto Retrograde comes to an end, which amplifies the fresh-start energy of this cosmic moment and gives us some room to breath.


Right now, we have 4 planets in Libra (Sun, Moon, Mercury, & Mars), creating a stellium and bringing the element of air strongly into our awareness.

Allow yourself to find balance in all your endeavors, especially including the relationships you have with others. Allow yourself to give, but do not allow others to take advantage of your heart.

New Moon Rituals:

1. Clear your environment. Make a nice space for you to meditate and clear your mind. Clean your altar and/or personal space.

2. Focus on your intentions. Make sure that you allow your mind to wander towards visualizations of goals and hopes during this time.

3. Write and speak. Take your journal or whatever you prefer to write your goals for self-care and improvement. Write it and then read it aloud.Believe that these are things that you can achieve.

4. Set space. A new moon is all about letting go of an old mindset or habit and welcoming in a more healthy habit and energy. Make sure you’ve actually cleared the space. In your mind, your heart, and physically if need be.

Other options:

-Draw a card from your tarot or affirmation decks

-Clean your space with moon water

-Move your body during meditation. This can also be a great time to practice yoga!

Wishing you all a beautiful moon cycle! Blessed be. 💫🌟✨💖🦋

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