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New Moon in Sagittarius: Freedom

Are you ready to feel free? Another beautiful eclipse occurs on December 4th 2021, and with that our beautiful, fiery Sagittarius new Moon. End this year free from all the stress and worries that had you up at night in 2021. Let go of what is not for you! A moon in Sagittarius is all about optimism and free thoughts. Helping you dip into your pool of creativity and make magic happen. Many say it’s too much “chaotic energy” on the day of an eclipse to start a huge project. But it's still a great time to bring things you have been working on to its final countdown. Whatever is tying you down, can be let go. Sagittarius is the sign of publishing and entrepreneurship. So, whether you’ve always wanted to write that book or start that online shop, now’s the time to get it all lined up.

Be Open.

Be open to receiving wisdom from unexpected sources - kids, supermarket cashiers, and random people on the street all have lessons to pass on with their unique life experiences and outlook. Open your mind to what’s being shared, and check with your intuition if it’s meant for you.

This transit blesses you with the boldness to tell off anyone who doubts you.

It's time to demand your worth financially. Resolve not to accept any low rates from employers. We all have to do so sometimes, and the pandemic pulled most of us into financial strain. But, to the best of your abilities, the stars want you to ask for a raise.

You CAN make it through the holidays while honoring your boundaries.

Family members around you may have taught you limited beliefs, but the power of transformation is available. Acknowledge & release your limiting beliefs. Pay attention to all the stories you’re telling yourself that are blocking this manifestation. Do you believe you don’t deserve it, do you think it’s not possible, or are you just terrified of it coming true? Realize these beliefs are just stories and you can choose to release them at any moment.

You can take it one day at a time. START. the finish line can be reached when you just continue moving forward.

Blessed be,

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