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What I like about you: A letter to Aquarius

Dearest Aquarius,

We know it’s cool to be you isn’t it? With all of your quirks, and your ability to think outside the box, all the time, every time. But it’s great, because you help people learn to slow down before they jump into anything impulsive. Plus, you’ve got to give people the truth because you’re a horrible liar.

But honestly, you’re an exceptional friend. There’s no in between either you’re the very introverted, Aquarius, or the very enthusiastic super talkative Aquarius. But either way you’ve got a bundle of creativity, and you help other people thrive, and learn how to not close themselves off to things or trap themselves inside stereotypes, and social norms.

When you need to laugh, there’s nothing like Aquarius sarcasm to really lift your spirits! Honestly, it’s so brilliant that you can do nothing but smile and admire the fact that this person isn’t afraid to give the tough love and speak the “hot take”.

I know I may sound a little sarcastic as I write this letter (I’m an Aquarius sun and moon in my draconic chart) but I truly love Aquarius energy. It makes you appreciate the little things. That is because you have little interest in the small world of mundane and conventional things. You may not make grand displays of affection or say “I love you,” but you do can express your affection in specific ways that make others feel really special.

Y'all even make the best exes to be so real, because you see the friendship in anyone even after a relationship has ended. That's if it ended on good terms though.

Don't play truth or dare with you. You'll pick dare and things will get weird real quick! A beautiful weird that makes you forget how you got a dice tattoo on your foot after a lit night in Vegas.

To wrap it up, You all are super amazing. Shine your light. Be the humanitarian you are, and keep changing the world one heart and mind at a time.


Oracle Erica

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I love this letter ❤️. It touched me wholeheartedly. I smiled from my heart. I LOVE BEING AN AQUARIUS 1/28

Erica Barnes
Erica Barnes
Jan 27, 2023
Replying to

I’m so glad. Much love ❤️

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