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What I Like About You: A Letter to Aries

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Dearest Aries,

I know that some people are quick to call you hot headed, reckless, or impulsive. And while there are many that do not evolve these attributes, what many people who seem to judge you don’t understand is that that may be what they see on the surface and not who you really are! It’s all about gaining your trust.

Because you know who you are! But do they? And honestly do they deserve to? Look back at all the times that you really could’ve knocked someone’s head off and you decided not to. I think that you deserve a little bit more credit than a lot of people who judge sun signs only give you.

I have many Aries in my life. My husband, my dad, a few uncles, cousins and close friend . And all of you are honestly completely different! And this is because Aries is the sign of self and discovering the self at an early age is something that many people might envy when they should admire it. I’m not bashing all the other signs but this is a love letter to you.

So do enjoy it!

As a Libra in the opposite of your zodiac, there has never come a time where I didn’t feel some sort of challenge to grow in some way or to discover a part of myself that I keep hidden from others' judgment. You teach me to be bold and you help me to be free.

And I get it, there are people that don’t really like the challenge; they see that as something that makes them uncomfortable. But I promise you that anyone that comes across the best version of you appreciates the growth and the light that you bring into their life. You have that spark, that initiator, that leader that everyone in the world needs at least once in their life to boost them up and bring out who they really are so that they can fulfill their purpose. And that goes for meeting anyone with an Aries placement in any part of their chart. But especially those with first house, sun, or rising placements that correlate with Aries. These people can truly help you acknowledge exactly who your best self is.

So know that I love you. All of the fiery, ambitious, exciting, optimistic energy that you hold! Let your light continue to shine bright!

With LOVE,

Oracle Erica

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