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What I like about you: A letter to Leo

Dearest Leo,

I know the first things you might hear from others who don’t quite know you well are some negative adjectives. Bossy, Egotistic, and maybe a bit too “all about me”. While I realize that there are some Leos that truly embrace the negative sides and display it (maybe a bit more proudly than they should), I know some quite amazing Leos!

You are not afraid to put yourself out there for the world to see, and you encourage others to really love themselves more! Self-love can sometimes take a whole new meaning when being around a You. You love to be catered and pampered, but that doesn’t mean you won’t do so for others too! They just need to understand you need excitement.

As much passion that you put into something is exactly what you want and need in return to feel truly fulfilled. Think about it Leo, you’re ruled by the Sun. You are meant to not only shine but to shine on others too! Show them just how beautiful a sunny day can be when you look around and explore all to be seen.

If your friend is nervous about getting a super cute new outfit or doing something out of the box, you want them to go for it! Your encouragement is always appreciated.

You love to lead, perform, talk, be admired and receive the praise and respect of others. You are confident, bright and sexy people, but you need to remember to use it to spread that energy to others! Don’t feel negativity towards those that also have bright lights to shine. Know that it’s okay to stand aside and show humility towards those who are called to lead, because it’s important that you listen, learn and grow from them too.


Oracle Erica

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