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What I like about you: A letter to Virgo

Dearest Virgo,

You hear from some that you can be too critical of others. What they don't see is that you have an understanding that the world can be cruel. So you become the loved one who steps in to give constructive criticisms of those you love, so they do not make mistakes in front of others who may not truly care about supporting them. You may be often misunderstood, not because you lack the ability to express, but because you won’t accept your OWN feelings as valid, true, or even relevant when opposed to reason.

You must sometimes, be a bit more soft and gentle when giving advice or offering to help solve problems. And more so, you need to be okay with having to solve problems of your own first! How can you help others when you're not willing to take time out for yourself?

Organize your life as you would with others. Remember that you are helpful and extremely important to have around. That your feelings are in fact valid.

Both my little boys age 1 and 5 are Virgos and if you guessed that they are a bit demanding and picky you would be right! LOL to that! BUT they are also very engaging, love to run around outside and have a knack for only wanting attention from certain people on certain days. As they grow, I can watch and help them grow and evolve into young men that focus on stability, have healthy ambition, and remember the importance of being considerate of others feelings when jumping in to help or give feedback to their peers.

I know that deep down in your heart, you want it to be easy for you and everyone else. You don't like seeing those you love going through trials, or carrying burdens or pain. But understand dear Virgo, that this is the cycle of life. We all must go through ups and downs, and your grounding, reason, support and genuine love when going through these things means more than you know.


Oracle Erica

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