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Candle Colors and Meanings: Orange

Burning candles is an easy way to access that colors energy. Of course not the only way but the acts of burning candles is believed to connect the physical world to the spiritual realm.

The color orange, bright and beautiful has a deep meaning for candle meditation and manifestations. A beautiful mix of bright and sunny yellow along with passionate and courageous red, Orange gives off its warmth and joy as a fun color that provides emotional strength. Orange is here to uplift and add spontaneity and positivity to a lot of your social communication and work creativity.

Using an orange candle during your manifestations will encourage your ambition and help broaden your horizons. It is a perfect color to use when you have projects coming your way and you need to remain focused on progressing in your career opportunity.

Orange and it’s different darker and lighter hues are best used for manifestation meditation on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.

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