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Candle Colors & Meanings: Red

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Candles hold more than just sweet scents. You can place crystals, herbs, aromatherapy oils, and candle dye in them to make them a manifestation magic maker!

My writing pieces will focus on the colors as many altar candles do not have any additional enhancers besides the color itself.

When thinking about the things that you want to manifest in your life, just how you use certain color crystals, you can also use the candles as well! Many already know this but there are some very intricate meanings to colors as well as burning two colors at the same time to enhance a specific manifestation.

Ris a famous color of sex, love, power, and vitality. Red is a physical color that brings vibrancy, deep affection, sexual desire, willpower, and athletic skill (especially competitive). This is the color of Mars energy. It is the color of the 1st Chakra, the Root Chakra. This Chakra represents grounding stable energy.

This is a very powerful color and should be lit only when you are in a positive frame of mind. Manifestations using the color red heed better with the power of the Root Chakra and should be most often performed on Tuesdays when Mars is strongly placed and waxing. Use with agate, red jasper, garnet, pyrite, ruby, red tiger eye, or obsidian to enhance the manifestations.


Planet: Mars

Day: Tuesday

Astrological Sign: Aries , Scorpio

Chakras: Root

Numerology: 5, 9

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