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Mercury in Scorpio

Fun fact: My Mercury is in Scorpio. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

It can be a rough ride sometimes. Evolution of the placement is necessary to soothe what can become obsessions or paranoia.

Totally fearless when it comes to diving into depths that nobody else wants to explore, Mercury in Scorpio is adept at learning the source and the core of any problem or issue.

Mercury in Scorpio naturally takes its time to trust the communication of others but has a keen observational skill that quickly recognizes when someone is being genuine with their words.

Once the truth is recognized, Mercury and Scorpio is very quick to praise and uplift those people with their words. Many Mercury in Scorpio however, need to work on not uplifting others at the detriment of another person.

The words of Mercury in Scorpio are very passionate and can sweep you off your feet if you’re not careful! They sometimes can talk in circles in order to reveal the truth without revealing their own personal truths. This is a habit however they can be broken through maturity and through the trust of whom they are communicating with.

When you’re feeling down, the mercury in Scorpio person is the one that’s ready to grab the tissues and listen to all of your woes. They are not afraid of what is deep and heavy for many others. They are ready to cry with you if need be, especially if their chart is water dominated. They will never use your vulnerabilities against you when it comes to communicating.

A scorpion does not actively seek confrontation. If you do however push one into a corner, they will sting you! And this is especially when you challenge the people that they love. They are fiercely protective and loyal to those people, and the words that they give you once you have hurt the people that they care about are harsh. Whether or not their actions match the harshness of the words that they speak is up to other placements in their chart (especially Mars).


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